Thursday, December 24, 2009

fun stuff

My lips have been secretly collagen-injected. So have Victor's. Except mine malfunctioned and spread over my entire face.

I have been stopped on the street twice within the past 3 days by people trying to recruit me as a model. (WTHWTHWTH)

My family found the idea of both of these very entertaining. I hope you also find them entertaining, instead of being traumatised as i was.

In other news, met up with some plc's! Jadey is exceedingly nice. I like her very much. I also like Steph and Sue Wei and Vanessa. We had a fun time and watched some of 27 dresses (the guy is so cute <3) I kind of want to watch some movies. Keep hearing Avatar is really good or something. Why on earth did I watch new moon in cinema?!! (or at all) I also wish to watch the Hannah Montana movie. Wensi's review of it was very intriguing. Most recently I watched 500 Days of Summer on the plane hmmm the sound was rather bad, but it seemed likeable.

Must also stop stalking Alice's blog. This is hard.

Oh my. It is Christmas Eve in 15 mins! How not very exciting (apologies).

Oops i wanted to complain about/discuss the service in Singapore but this post seems overly long now. well well well. Perhaps you shall read another of my amazingly interesting blog entries soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

happy birthday wong

Currently at the residence of the Wongs. It is a castle-like manor/mansion on the Upper East Side, here in VCE-ville. Fun is to be had by playing cards/talking/drinking vodka (straight from the bottle I SAW YOU ****** [not wensi])/eating pizza/doing nothing/playing piano.

Excessive amounts of food fill this house. It is disturbing even for a food-obsessed girl such as myself.

Moving on from culinary delights of Wong's family...

I have been doing many wonderful things since returning from my eventless schoolies week. As you may have heard, very little of note occurred during my time in Sorrento, except that we were forced to pay large amounts of money as compensation for the "damages" we had inflicted on the lovely place we were staying at. Speech night was also fun, as were the preceding rehearsals. Weather has been fluctuating greatly, providing some excitement for us. VCE scores also came out. This was exciting for some, even those such as myself who do IB.

(RAMA GOT 99.95 WTH)

Yeah still can't get over it (neither can wensi) lol.

well well well. i thought i lost this post, but it seems that blogger has handily saved it. thank you, my friendly webpage!

So. It seems i shall not be here for a while, not that I have been on this blog much lately either. Apologies, my loyal fans. I would however encourage you to redirect your sights to Wensi's blog, where she seems to be writing cool nonfanfic. Other exciting things that have occurred lately are that i have discovered that I like Big Bang Theory (they were watching it at wong's house before everyone else turned up and started playing ssb, where sam kept beating vincent SORRYVINCENT) i think i may have provided too much information now so i shall stop.

(maths science history unravelling the mystery that all started with a big bang BANG!)

I also like Tina Fey.

ahem. goodbye.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So i was flipping through the diary of the yr 7 me (lol) and in case you weren't acquainted with me back then, this is the kind of amazing thing i used to say:

"I don't get it, Katherine says she is beautiful yet she dresses like a boy."

Sorry Katherine. Yr 7 me was harsh. You are very beautiful.

(nearly there!!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



That's what you'd think, right? Well, that's what I'M thinking. Yet I have received no answers: only in the form of my excitement at the end of my exams on Thursday, 3:35pm.


...Tacitus, I am sorry. Virgil, I am sorry. Purcell, I am sorry.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Just went to a concert by a group called Raga Dolls Salon Orchestra. Was expecting pseudo-classical Viennese waltzes, some of which they did play, but actually heard some cool GYPSYISH music. It was rather exciting. I like tangos! Especially Emily's tango piece, and the tango bg music in Bakemonogatari. ^___^

...yes viv this is in direct response to your post.

Anyway. Last week I was on the tram home from my Eco exam when two old men sat down opposite me. I was wearing this shirt.

($5 from cotton on, bought as a set of 5 for my wind quintet, No Strings Attached. Yes, I was very excited to find it. Sadly I did not consider the other implications of such a slogan, and in fact never do when wearing it. A mistake, perhaps.)
So I was sitting there and one of the old men kept giving me weird looks. After a while, he said something like this: "Ah, no strings attached - that's the kind of woman I like."
To which I replied: "Ah. Yes."
...a brilliant response.
The old men cackled.
Thankfully, the tram soon stopped and I got out. So did they.
I crossed the road and sat down at another tram stop, to make my way home. After a while, I looked up and yes, they were there, and yes, there was another comment:
Old man to other old man: "Look, it's the girl with no strings attached."
cackle cackle.
..and that is the end of my adventure with my No Strings Attached shirt. Sadly, I doubt i shall stop wearing it, despite the aura of disrepute it may give me. I am a Loose Girl.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Well. Exam #1, Chemistry, was not bad. I am not sure if i "won" but I do hope it was alright.

Not really much to say about this, except that I have a problem with the intensely staring, sl0w-speaking lady who conducts our exam. I suppose there might be a need for her to check over all our papers but must she stare at us so disapprovingly while we do our exams?! And why must they whisper so loudly??? :(

Hope everyone went ok, but it was a fairly standard exam imo (although I feel paranoid about getting the entire first question wrong...I can't tell if what i did was right or not). Also, those tags that are used to connect our hole-punched papers are so cool!


EDIT: WTHOMGAKL;DSJFKL;DSAFJKL;DSAF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have just been informed that i screwed up question 1. Did not realise that the iron ions needed to be balanced to 5mol. WHAT ON EARTH. Must study for paper 3 now, I am appalled.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


while stuck in limbo waiting for dinner - waiting for exams - waiting for myself to stop procrastinating -

I decided to compile a list of my personal highlights of IB. However, this is not limited to academic highlights (in increasing order of highlightness):

5. unseens
4. maths portfolio (generally acknowledged as one of the major highlights of ib)
3. TOK essays (these were so great)
2. all music exams
1. eco classes

But seriously, I actually did enjoy IB quite a lot. Who knows why. Maybe it's because of:

- battle of the bands
- IB choir
- the ib vs vce battle in yr 12 video
- HL english classes
- composition recordings (strangely fun)

But the best part of IB would have to be:

experiencing the amazing thing that is IB-bonding. Not ionic, nor dispersion, but covalent; electrons of knowledge/aid were shared among atoms that would not break apart at low temperatures (but possibly at high ones), and which would always create large amounts of heat while being broken. I will miss the IB community as I plunge into a sea of delocalised electrons. Good luck everybody!

EDIT: can't stop listening to chocolate love for some reason..very weird
WONGEDIT: I have edited this blog so it now has two levels.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

yi-ling's life

i have received complaints that i do not update this blog as much as i ought to. so, to follow the trend of various bloggers updating frequently of late, I decided to uh...update. don't let this stop you from reading wong's excellent posts, though. he rarely posts with inane information about his life (as i generally do). ahem. apologies.

current things that are inspiring me:
- the turtle print singlet i purchased from, yes, that wonderful place called Kmart, last week. With this, I can now showcase my not-so-unique awkward-turtle nature, as well as my great skill for creating awkward turtles, which is embodied in the amazing Turtle Print Singlet. It's almost as if i am a walking advertisement for awkward turtles! kind like i am endorsing Turtles, kind of like Nike, but not really. uh..yeah.
- Chiaki. Yes, I decided to procrastinate more and downloaded ep1 of Minami-ke Okaeri, ie. the apparently okay third season of Minami ke (vs. the wonderful first season and the vaguely repelling second season). I MISS THE SCARY FACES! : ( Other than that, Chiaki is still strangely endearing.
- four of my teachers have informed me that my writing is too small and very hard to read. I am now quite scared that my examiner may refuse to mark my paper. Hence, I have resolved to write more legibly. Well, it sounds easier than it is, okay.
- kath's amazing dancing. she has a really inspiring pelvic-thrust move. it was so amazing that it induced an inspired rendition of Lacrimosa (from Mozart's Requiem) by Wensi.
- stooph talked to me today. inspiring.

Cannot believe there are so few days left of school. It's kind of dulling my anxiety for exams, the knowledge that ...well, this is the end. It's so surreal. I guess we have a lot of time to accept that school is nearly over though, with all the end of year events, but even so, I feel perpetually confused. Especially since we keep having classes for the last time, rehearsals for the last time - it's really strange to think, gosh i will never do this again. I mean, it's kind of like my world (based around school like the true nerd i am) is collapsing. No wonder I want to watch anime all the time.

...but don't worry. we still have our blogs.

Wongsta's Section

I got 9 questions wrong. More than 10 wrong and you got a disctinction or worse. I additionally didn't realize there was an electrochemical series on the quiz. Does that count as a anecdote?

This image should show you how my reality is not being dissolved away by the end of my schooling.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I signed up for an account on twitter around a year ago and posted approximately 5 times before giving up. Now, however, with the discovery of this, it seems that i have no choice but to let twitter make a comeback into my life.

...for those of you who are Glee fans but not Kurt fans, Sue Sylvester's twitter may incite more interest. (it's hilarious)

Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry are also featured. Sadly, no Finn.

Glee is such a great show. With modern technology, crazed fans like myself can even procrastinate further and be drawn into things like twitter.

Speaking of which: my twitter account is frothy, although I ...doubt i will post much. Feel free to follow me, I am a very good shepherd.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Undulatus Asperatus

My new favorite cloud.


From wikipedia:
Undulatus asperatus (or alternately, asperatus) is a rare, newly recognized cloud formation, that was proposed in 2009 as the first cloud formation added since cirrus intortus in 1951 to the International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization.[1] The name translates approximately as roughened or agitated waves.[2]

This one gets bigger if you save it.


Reminds me of those mathematical fractals you can get. Sort of like the 4d fractal projected onto a 3d plane...except coloured in by the sun.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Monty Hall Answer

Sure, this has been done before. I just thought i'd write up my answer for this problem. I will assume you have read what the problem is already.

There are only two possibilities behind the door you pick: either a car or a goat. The probabilities for each are 1/3 for a car and 2/3 for a goat (before you do any switching etc).

Let us consider the first case, with the car behind the door you pick. Now the GSH reveals a goat. In this case, since the other, unrevealed door is also a goat, it would be best to not switch. Therefore, in the 1/3 case that you do have the car, you should not switch.

The other case would be if you had a goat. The GSH will unveil another goat. The unrevealed door now contains a car. In this case, you should switch, in order to obtain a car. However, the chance that this case is the one you have is 2/3.

This means that, overall, switching will be beneficial, since 2/3 times switching will will allow you to win.

I found this way of thinking through a little easier than the methods on Wikipedia. I'm not sure why. I hope my explanation is not wrong.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


CANNOT BRING SELF TO STUDY. curse my decision to do Latin and Eco exams on same day. i should have stuck with my decision to do Eco first, so that i would get it out of the way. as it is, have no incentive.

in other news, i keep fighting with people! i am an assassin - one of the IB League.


EDIT: wow I can edit your post ying! Unfortunately i could not bring myself to study this morning because I was asleep. Actually I woke up early because my stomach hurt. However I had a trip to the pool and it was resolved.

Has anyone watched Genshiken?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cross posted blog from I thought you might enjoy this.

As most of you can tell, this blog is not getting the most hits…actually it is doing very poorly. Occasionally, I receive some good comments from readers.

Someone please tell me why the character on the right has a calf longer than her entire arm and why the stripper’s uniform is necessary – skip the skimpy school uniform and get to business because obviously pedophilia is the underlying message in this craftily named School Days to avoid public attention while attracting all asian men of all shapes and sizes in a massive frenzied orgy gosh get a damn haircut before you fall over because of the imbalance caused by all that follicle crap THATS AN AWESOME BRIEFCASE I WANT THAT BRIEFCASE THE BROWN ONE NOT THE BLACK ONE so I can sell it for profit to a discerning bear and those stairs are sexy and compliment the fence 5/5!!!!!1!!!! go watch now before you get sober

Thanks for giving me some more content for my blog, anonymous.

Friday, September 25, 2009


well. we are slightly beyond halfway point in the holidays and, with practice exams less than a week away, all I can think about is Twilight, The Musical. Part 2 is here.

"I am a vampire."

Truly amazing. I have restrained myself from watching more, however, in fear that my family will hear my shrieks of laughter and think that I am insane. Or not studying. Which I am. Anyway.

Other distractions include the new TV show, Glee, the presence of which both Wensi and Rama alerted me to. This is about a choir (YES! LIKE CHOIR! sort of), except it sucks (not like choir) and they do cool dance moves (not like choir). The thing I like most about this show is the exciting music, which is alot better than High School Musical. Except that it consists of covers. Not that that's a bad thing - in fact it means that you will probably have heard msot of the songs before (unless you are like me and don't listen to english music often). It is slightly confusing and jumbly though, but I'm hoping that's going to get better - after all, only episode 1 and 2 have aired so far.

Anyway, if you are looking for a way to procrastinate, Glee is an entertaining way to spend an hour on Thursday nights. It airs at 7:30 pm on Channel 10. You can also stream it on their website. WTH! i totally did not know you could do that until now. How weird. But that might use up a lot of your download, so I don't know if you would want to do that.

Well. My holidays have been fairly wonderful. I have also been eating a lot, very exciting.

I am hungry now. goodbye.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Image Source
I had a horrible dream just now. I only remember the bit where Melissa did a laugh which she never does in real life, then her face made the shape of a person doing shoop da woop (above).

Monday, September 14, 2009


I thought i'd try out using tumblr...and there is some handy import utility on the net so i tried usingthat. the only problem is it doesn't show who did each blogl...but that should be pretty easy to figure out.'

EDIT: er....doesn't work

Go to for my own blog :S

EDIT 2: What the crap tumblr is worse than wordpress....i'm just going to use wordpress now...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Supre Experience

Today I went to Westfield for the first time since its renovation. It is exceedingly shiny, even inside shops! If trying on clothes on top of other clothes there is no need to use dressing rooms - one can simply use most surfaces within the shop as a mirror (kind of like at school where everyone stares at themselves in glass doors/windows/the glass on framed pictures).

Anyway. The point of writing this blog was to comment on my experience within Supre. This is a delightful store. It used to be pink but is now black and often has very loud music playing. As I ventured inside the store, I noticed a number of things:
1. There seemed to be about 10 of each design in a number of different colours (makes one wonder where they get all the stock from - or maybe they do not sell much?)
2. EVERYTHING SEEMED TO BE REALLY TIGHT! perhaps i should go on a diet! i felt upset by this.
3. The people in the store seemed to consist of girls under the age of 16 (from my estimation). I wondered, belatedly, if i was too old to be in the store. (distressing)

I did not buy anything.

However, I did feel concerned for the fate of young children, lured into the world of SEXUAL PREDATORS. How can young girls achieve 99.95 if they fixate on fashion/are raped and traumatised? Besides, such tight clothes encourage anorexia.

Based on my experience at supre, I have derived the following equation:
Supre = young girls
Supre = tight clothes
Tight/revealing/short clothes + young girls = danger (for girls/pedophiles)


Supre = danger

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So...I was opening up my Lexicon Omega audio recording thing because....well it kept on dying and i don't think i can return it anymore (i'm voiding the warranty by opening it, but you can't tell that i opened it.)

I turned it upside down, and unscrewed some of the bottom plate's screws. I then heard a clunk, of something heavy falling down. Once I fully opened the case i found out what it was.

Click for full size photo.

They were metal plates. I thought removed the plates which had aided in cooling the mosfets, or something. BUT THEY WEREN'T FOR THAT. Additionally, the bottom metal plate which came off (in black) also served no purpose. Well, it did serve one purpose. To make the product seem more expensive. (actually it could be to give it a lower centre of mass so it doesn't fall over...but couldn't they have made it horizontally?

I mean, who wants to buy a product which feels as if it's about to break? Consumers associate weight with a quality product, so that is what they get. It also servers to differentiate this top level product from the bottom level (this is the best of 3 lexicon audio interfaces).

I was thinking of getting a zoom H6n or whatever it's called...the new one. I have another zoom product which works fine, a guitar pedal. I have not opened that, but i'm sure it's weight is due to precise engineering, not clever marketing.

If lexicon has another reason for these plates, they should tell me, as i will immediately take down this blog.

Friday, September 11, 2009


One of the tips my head of year gave was to avoid falling into a late night sleeping pattern. I agreed with him, noticing that, even if i got the same hours of sleep, sleeping late reduced my mental capacity throughout the day.

I thought I could keep this up over the holidays, sleeping at about 10ish.

(look at the timestamp)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Haruhi Discussion

yi-ling says:
*cool let's do one now
*on haruhi
*do you agree
Wongsta says:
*i agree
yi-ling says:
*i believe we should ask questions of each other
Wongsta says:
*who has to format it then
yi-ling says:
*like an interview
Wongsta says:
*i'll do it then
yi-ling says:
Wongsta says:
*does kyon remind you of me?
yi-ling says:
*yes. reasons: kyon seems vaguely apathetic, but is not really. kyon is a single syllable name, just like wong. kyon has a little sister, just like phillip. kyon is generally emotionless-seeming, but may at times become violently emotional. but not violent. kyon does not enjoy studying and would describe himself as an "average student". kyon is part of a random club because he finds it interesting
Wongsta says:
*...what club am i part of?
*uni-physics is not a calub
yi-ling says:
*well you would be part of a random club if you found it interesting
*okay no
Wongsta says:
*(ask a question)
yi-ling says:
*because he finds it interesting to be in the club, not because he actually wants to be in the club and is there of his own volition.
*do you believe that kyon/itsuki will occur?
Wongsta says:
*no. next question.
*unless it is part of some fanservice
*do you want kyon/itsuki to occur?
yi-ling says:
*not extremely. i do not really support kyon/mikuru though, as i used to. i do not even like kyon/haruhi very much. kyon/yuki does not appeal to me either, due to yuki's recent lack of personality. thus, i am left with kyon/itsuki. i suspect this is due to endless eight, where they had endless conversations. thus, once i rewatch the entire thing, my...uh..wishes will change.
Wongsta says:
*the only relationship i'd like to occur is kyon/haruhi...the rest don't seem fitting
yi-ling says:
*do you believe that kyon, and not haruhi, is "god"?
Wongsta says:
*Only in the respect that, if haruhi actually cares about him, she would do what he desires to some degree. In this way, kyon can have some control over 'god'. However, it remains to be seen if kyon will leverage this/haruhi actually does this.
*Is itsuki hot?
*compare with kyon if necessary
yi-ling says:
*no, itsuki is not hot. he is overly fake. more information would need to be given about itsuki for him to be considered "hot". also, he is an anime character. it is difficult for me to consider anime characters hot.
kyon is also not hot, for aforementioned reasons. i do, however, like kyon. he is my favourite character in haruhi. i also liked last episode where he displayed some emotion. that was
Wongsta says:
*(agrees with kyon description)
yi-ling says:
*um that doesn't literally mean yes/no.
Wongsta says:
*i just hate itsuke for no reason so mikuru is better. Mikuru seems more human and empathises more with most characacters. Her only shortcoming is that she relies on others too much? hmm what do i mean. ie endless eight she probably would not have been able to deal with the situation without the others aaah i don't even know what im' talking about anymore

but anyone mikuru is better than itsuki, despite itsuki being more proficient at ....everything except being human and being likeable
*oh right
*i need to ask a question
yi-ling says:
*i also wish to respond to that question. unless you wish to ask another question.
Wongsta says:
*no go
yi-ling says:
*i do not understand why you hate itsuki for no reason, but i suppose it could be his overly fake cheerful nature. truthfully i find mikuru irritating, mostly because of her voice and constantly timid nature. it is pointless and infuriating. but then again, i should not be like this. itsuki is amusing and he is no longer my most hated character. um...i think they are equal.
*do you believe that kyon secretly loves haruhi
Wongsta says:
*It is very difficult to judge this...I think that he may love her, although it is definitely a very mild, subconscious love. I really don't know, what do you think ying?
yi-ling says:
*do not know. definitely saw some tension forming in last episode. remains to be seen. i actually supported mikuru/kyon during original run of haruhi, but i do not know.
Wongsta says:
*is this enough?
*what do you think of shamisen the cat
yi-ling says:
*nothing. shamisens are like erhus. i saw someone playing one at manifest one year and i asked them if it was an erhu. that was vaguely embarrassing.
*yes let's stop now

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The completion of school is not a saddening event for me.

On a side note, everyone go to Crunchyroll and watch 'Time of Eve'. It's good.

more endings

Despite what has been written and inferred by certain people, this blog is not ending. However (as I realised recently) Yr 12 is.


As i checked my plc email I noticed that "this friday form assembly will be put aside for a preliminary locker cleanup". My initial reaction was ??!?!!!! and then "oh dear! maybe we will not have lockers next term!" and then "oh dear, we are actually leaving plc after disturbing".

I don't know about other people's feelings towards their schools but I am actually quite sad about leaving plc. As wensi often points out (sneeringly, like snape) I am a Junior School Girl and have actually been at plc since year for TEN YEARS (not as long as viv/sav though). 

sigh. and, like, there were no guys. not that i am sexist, but I highly doubt i will experience guyfreedom again. unless I go to an all girls' college. or teach at a girls' school. anyway, yes my point is that a special time is almost over. i am sure it had its flaws and things but i will miss it too.

my music recital is over, too - i feel a bit stunned. and angsty august is nearly over, too.

gosh. i cannot believe this.

the world is exploding! (slightly)

Friday, August 21, 2009

the break up

you may have noticed that this blog is disgustingly inactive.

and why is this? you might ask.

as much as it pains me to make this announcement.. there has been a falling out, between myself and the other members of this blog. ah...when i say members i guess i really mean one member in particular, as in the only active one. if you can really call us active.

anyway. i just thought i would let everyone know.


okay sorry that was a joke. ahem. yes it was a rather bad joke, i am sorry.

wish me luck for my concerto tonight : (

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pulling it Off

Conversation at school:
"=" = drawn out word
"^" = stressed word

N:"Hey C**n, how do you get it off?"

C:"It's easy, let me show you."

(C 'pulls it off')

B:"OH, tha=ts how you do it...
The other guys were complaining about how hard the small ones were to get off,
they had to get other people to pull it off for them since they couldn't do it themselves."

C:"Well obvio^usly the bigger ones are easier to get off"

B:"Geez this sounds really dirty"

(C**n puts his 'Scotch 2009 hoodie' back on, laughs)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Ah...hi again (yes i am sorry for that post but i am glad some people found it funny)

Being a true slacker, over the holidays i've been watching some tv shows in an attempt to avoid my homework. Probably not the best idea, but, you know, it was fun. I also realised today when i was reading up on anime that i haven't watched anime for ages : ( i remember that idyllic time when i spent hours hunched in front of my computer screen, allowing tears to run freely from my eyes as Shirou confessed his love for Saber...

Ok, that was a lie, i don't think i actually cried in fate/stay night (i'm sure chewy would disapprove greatly of such emotional affectations in such a um, inferior anime to haruhi) ....moving on to my next point, season 2 of haruhi is out. so i have been watching that.

Is it just me, or has mikuru become more annoying? I swear i liked her before, in season one. I think that as my love for mikuru has waned, i have begun to like haruhi more. Slightly. I think that my preference for the girls goes like this:

haruhi > yuki > mikuru

and kyon >>> itsuki (which is slightly better than before when kyon >>>>>>> itsuki)

Has anyone noticed that yuki keeps wearing her school uniform? I think it is because she is so bored that she can't be bothered changing anymore. Also, why do they have so many swimsuits o__O they..seem to change every episode. um.

anyway haruhi 2 is the only anime i've been watching lately, but I'm sure wong could tell you more about the anime he's been watching. It's...not hentai though. I think.

So apart from anime, there is this great tv show called

~*~ 30 rock ~*~

oh dear it looks a bit like sabrina the teenage witch with those salty brackets. ANYWAY
30 rock is a comedy show written and produced by Tina Fey, which she stars in as the main character, Liz Lemon. It's set mostly behind the scenes of a comedy sketch show, where Liz Lemon is the head writer. god i suck at writing summaries, here is the wiki page
Anyway, it is funny and charming! and witty! and pretty and bright, tonight. The third season is currently airing at 11:30pm on Monday nights, but don't be put off by the late airing. ok i'm just going to end this post now, i like 30 rock a lot though : (

Saturday, July 11, 2009

enter scores

Ok, i'm not going to say i hate my family, i'm just going to say that I just had the following exchange with my brother:

me: Matt, what would your predicted enter score for me be?
him: i'd say...about 92.
me: okay. i will look up the conversion.
him: okay.
me: 92 is 34. which would mean that i would have to get less than 6 in most of my subjects.
him: yeah.
me: okay.

well. i think that i should be looking forward to the end of the year, when i get 92. well, matt, even if i don't get 99.90 like you, at least i will still be able to get in to music at melbourne...which is more than you ever tried to do.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sport, again

We had house sport yesterday and somehow i ended up playing soccer. This was actually quite fun surprisingly enough, despite my lack of skills. Sadly my house captain seemed to be unable to understand that i actually lacked these skills.

HC: "Linh, run! Run and kick the ball! Go, Linh, go! *squeal*" you can see, she also seemed to keep forgetting my name.

Later I attempted to kick the ball as it was coming towards me. Sadly my foot went over the ball and hit..the air. This was unfortunate, but not unexpected.

HC: "Linh, I saw that! you were deliberately trying not to kick the ball!!!"

I have never been accused of this before in such a serious tone.

Katherine confessed to me today. She told me that she would "turn homo" for me. Well, now we know the reason behind all of her boob-punching. Hah! I believe that her verbal attacks on my "boobies" are in fact, fuelled by her intense desire for me.

I think i like this word too much...intense. : (

Saturday, June 20, 2009

'Funny Photo'

'Funny Photo' round up. I 'stole' three of the pictures from here: They shouldn't mind since I linked to their website anyway..
From funnies
Here is one I found in my physics text book. I don't think this guy should be diving off the board in his current condition...
From funnies
I stole these from OCAU, pretty self explanatory (image is too big, click to see):

From funnies
From funniesThese are the ones I found on the website I just mentioned.
From funnies

From funnies
Fromt that Katamari it if you don't know about it.

From funnies

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get the kid ready

um. this is pretty polarising stuff but if you do like it it will entertain you, if you don't it wont. There is another one of these for a guy getting ready for work:

Source of all this randomness (except for the horse head video)

Monday, June 15, 2009


The 'proper' version of the last video with a comparison.

ゾンビーズ ハレ晴レユカイ全壊バージョン

this group is known as the 'zombie dancers?'

Maths Pun/Fun - it's PUNTASTIC

Take up my challenge. Can you make a more cheesy 'maths pun' than this?

define x=my love,

F( x)=sqrt( |x|), x ɛ (-∞>x>∞)

(The root of the absolute value of my love has no bounds.)

Yes, thats right: I realize this is crap.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I met a man in the dark?

Seems like some of you enjoy my 'song', so here is the backing for it (sequence: A/B/A/B not sure if they're bridges or choruses).

Lyrics (who knows what i was smoking when i made these):

met a man
in the dark
I was glad that he was
My mistake
He was actually a (snake)

We are
the ones in
the dark

Feel free to email me the mixed version and i'll put it up here!

Alternate lyrics/second verse:
he was cool
kicked my ass i
tried to escape
through the glass
my mistake
it was actually a CAKEEEEEE

We are
the ones in
the dark

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

rehearsals are fun

Wind symphony: an ensemble that rehearses at 7:30am on Wednesdays

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning my oboe with a cloth. that is pulled through the oboe. As the oboe becomes thinner nearer to the top, problems may occur when a knot or some unforeseen increase in thickness of the cloth draws closer to this area. To my distress, a knot had in fact knotted itself (OR BEEN KNOTTED?) in my oboe cloth! This resulted in several attempts to remove it using:
- a small screwdriver
- the red toolbox that is in Mr Squibb's office
- a sparkler (which was in the music staff room - i wonder what they do to celebrate on birthdays)

All these attempts proved fruitless. My oboe was then sent to a specialised oboe-maker/repairer who removed the tattered cloth using a "special tool".

...yes, anyway. I am not sure what the purpose of that story was. It was upsetting at the time. Especially since it was impossible to play it with a cloth sticking out of the place where the reed should go. Also, it could have gotten scratched by the sparkler! What then? Would my oboe no longer sound like an oboe and instead like a clarinet? :( :( :(

Another event occurred in windsymph this morning where i looked in my reed case and discovered several black-green fronds of mould sprouting furrily from my reeds. 

it was EXTREMELY HORRIFYING imagine, my currently played on reed had been in such a mouldy environment as this, with the furry fronds possibly touching it! I had stuck in my mouth a possibly diseased and FURRY item of reed! 

I felt extremely disturbed.

That is why (after discarding the mouldy reeds) I have decided never to put away reeds while wet. They must always be allowed to dry. This is true for bassoonists as well, and probably clarinetists. And saxophonists. And reed instrument players. 


Friday, May 29, 2009

exams #2

I am not sure how i have ended up in the computer room, blogging while all of those HL chem people are still doing their exam (lol) - even so it seems a bit silly. But you know, exams have dissolved my social life (ie. msn) so i do not seem to have anything to do now except wait for the HL people to come out and complain about how hard their exam was. Ok I must predict their responses:

Fiona - oh, it was alright, there were some things i didn't know but i think i did ok
Kath - did you get the question on [insertHLthing]? it was so hard. like the whole thing was really hard. I studied so much but i think i did really badly.
Wensi - hahaha chem! oh well, at least it was better than maths
Viv - ...must study for Bio


Anyway, exams are halfway through now. The maths exam was horrible, all the more so because it would have been very possible if only i/we had studied the correct things enough (ie. statistics). As viv has commented, kristen did, in fact, miss the exam because she thought it was at another time. Gosh i would have felt rather panicked if i were her - she seemed quite relaxed though, i suppose she can do it at some other time/perhaps she was already resigned to having missed it.

Oh my. Extended essay is due in two weeks! And mine only half written! Dear oh dear.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

exams :(

Tis the season to be jolly!

Exams would be better if i were more focussed. And if i had already finished all my internals. As it is, I seem to still not have finished my music investigation or my extended essay. They feed on the pitiful limbs with biting : ( Gosh what an awkward translation.

Toora loora toora loo rye aye!

I am rather obsessed with that song that the other plc band played in Battle of the Bands: Save Ferris - Come On Eileen. It is so catchy!!! I feel as though i am capable of exam revision with encouraging music such as this. I actually like carbon chem now o__O I think it is also because it is standard level. ahaha.

On thursday i had four spares. YES. i must recount my spare adventures:
p1 - music spare (ms friend was away); emily played Secret <3 and i tried to learn it
p2 - FAL spare (mr green was away); composed YAY.
p4 - eco spare (HL classes only for the next 2 or so weeks); did some eco homework
p5 - actual spare; gossiped with fiona/wensi

Hmm it seems that matt has gone to sleep already! i am alone : (


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Who invented them and why are they so irritating? Gosh. I do not wish to continue with this. Yet it seems that i must : (   How saddening.

I feel rather disorganised. Somehow I find internal assessments difficult. I feel unable to think! IB offends me. Then again, I am also quite excited for formal LOL just like everyone else i seem to only be able to talk about formal-related things at this time. For example - ok i shall not go into this but instead provide readers with two exciting and hopefully new words!

Two useful words for describing males:

avuncular, adj. - 1. of or relating to an uncle; 2. suggestive of an uncle particularly in kindness or geniality
uxorious, adj. - excessively fond of or submissive to a wife, ie. an accommodating husband, but not necessarily with negative connotations.

and do you agree with my suggestion of Argall/Victor respectively


Tuesday, April 28, 2009



what am i doing i'm sleepy maybe i should sleep but i havent done enough work yet hmm altough i've done enough work for tomorrow and maybe the day after. Have i done the uni physics work? yes i have good. now waht else oh that concert is tomorrow do i have tickets yes when am i going about 7 go early to meet ying what else maybe i should bring a camera will i look wierd? perhaps i will but it'll probably be worth it (i hope they don't stop me) geez i should use some more punctuation but i can't really be bothered going through everything i've written, sorry fellow readers (why'd i say fellow readers I'm not reading). Anyway what else this week. Next week i have a physics sac o no i hope my string doesn't rando break like rama's cause then i'd be screwed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Saturday, April 25, 2009

lol our blog is dying
yi-ling says:
*i know
Wongsta says:
yi-ling says:
WELL, as I write this post, I wonder how many people actually read this blog! I am worried that this blog will no longer be worth posting on (especially due to the number of comments we are getting on each post, but then again, it's better than no comments).

On an unrelated note, if you were looking for a relatively unknown proxy whose location is in Australia (for lower latency/'ping') then here is one:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dark blue piano bridge for wensi

ok it seems hard to read i'll type out the letters, hope you can read the rhythm
C Bb Ab Bb upBb
downBb Eb Bb C D Eb
Eb upEb C Bb Ab
A Bb F F E Bb
C D Eb downG
Ab Bb C Bb G (ignore this unless you can figure it out listening to it because i'm not sure what it is)
hello i hope this is big enough
i really thought i made it larger but it looks kind of small

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ib nightmares

Last night i had a shocking dream. It was set at school and we seemed to be getting back some sort of results. At first i thought it was just our midyear exams or something, but as the dream went on, it became increasingly clear to me that it was in fact our final IB results, except with uh, details of the courses we got into.

I opened mine and i couldn't understand the code i think i was not reading it properly, so i was just like, oh okay : ( So I started to walk around and ask other people what they got. I remember that i asked viv.

me: viv, what did you get into?
viv: i didn't get into anything!!!

i don't remember my reaction LOL yes um

then i uh, went over to zoe's group, and zoe was like, i didn't get into anything either, and then tanji kept talking about nothing, and joan got really upset because nobody was listening to her, they were all listening to tanji. o____O yes i do not know

finally i opened my results and i saw that i got um 9 results i do not know why. i suppose it could have been cas/ee but all of them were over 3, so i am not sure. They were: 7, 4, 6, 7, 5, 7, 4.

My first thought was: omg! what is that 4! it must be eco. But i couldn't find out what subjects they were! it was extremely distressing.

I then looked down the paper, where it listed the courses one had uh, got into. On my paper there was only one:


Course details: In this course, students learn skills such as running and jumping, as well as basic coordination.

At that point my dad came into my room and woke me up.


NB: for some reason i don't remember anyone else being in that dream except for Wong, who was kind of following me around as i went to talk to viv and so on, then provided a comforting presence as i read the details of my future in physical education. : (

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Guitar Picks

Don't use a coin as a pick for an extended amount of time!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

hunting holidays

I feel withdrawal from puzzles with the end of puzzle hunt : ( In the end we came 28th:

28. This Great Team Name Uses Exactly Fifty Characters - 67 points / 17 puzzles / 168 guesses.

Matt's team put on a rush of creative thinking at the end and came 11th! I must however state that there was one point on Thursday i think, when we were actually TWO PLACES ABOVE THEM. Matt even asked me for help. AHAHAHA. Sadly they outstripped us from there.

Anyway, I look forward to Puzzle Hunt next year, and hope i'm not too busy/uninterested to do it. Who knows, maybe there will be a PLC Yr 13 group! That would be rather exciting.

Since torturous term one has come to an end i have some exciting plans for the holidays! These are:
- watch The Mission!
- and Australia hopefully
- study : (
- get up to 4000 words in extended essay
- compose two pieces - WTH? yes, it seems that music HL's are expected to write two compositions, even though we are clearly not mozart. or bach. or anyone like that. perhaps i can write bad ones (actually there should be no perhaps here)
- rehearse with 45 for battle of the bands
- eat.

I enjoy IB

Friday, March 27, 2009


"WHAT? A movie review on this blog?" (you may or may not say in disbelief)

It isn't really a review. Just some thoughts vaguely related to the movie ('Knowing' is the name of the movie). The first thought is of the fact that I visited one of the locations the movie was filmed. I recognised it immediately as being familiar, the site being the Synchotron in Australia. This is not that surprising considering most of the movie was filmed in Melbourne.





The second thought I felt after the movie, when I realised I should have probably seen different movie. To combat this problem ever occuring again, I have formulated a movie plan to be carried out by me before I watch the movie. Here it is:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Search the movie
  3. If it has a low score (this movie had an average score of 4.4 out of ten)
  4. Read some other reviews/ask friends about it, if necessary
I think the best description of 'Knowing' is a mashup of "War of the Worlds", but more philosophically orientated in purpose (in terms of actual screentime, it has roughly the same amount of action). As Yi-Ling commented after she watched the film, there were MANY unnecessary 'shock' scenes, which held no other purpose but to keep the viewer awake. I also realized there was a scene which does not make sense if you finish watching the movie (a contradiction).

If you like a somewhat depressing action film which, as many modern films today do, sacrifices good story telling for what will excite consumers, still shouldn't watch this film.. Another film I [can reccomend instead, which you will like more] cannot reccomend (see edit), is "Sphere is a 1998 psychological science fiction thriller film", from Wikipedia. It is similar in what 'it wants to be' as a film, but I think Sphere explores the concepts better which it has chosen, has a better twist, and contains much less 'mindless modern entertainment' that today's movies seem to have entwined into them / interlaced in them.(I was going to say a word which started with en- in the place of 'woven' but I forgot what it was while I was typing it. Could somebody help me out? (the word is not 'enwoven').

EDIT: MA BAD , i watched this movie a REALLY long time ago. "Sphere currently holds a 13% fresh rating at rottentomatoes, with an average score of 4.1/10 and is currently the worst reviewed movie of Dustin Hoffman". Ok, maybe you shouldn't listen to my recommendations. Go watch the second Ghost in the Shell movie, you can't go wrong with that! (unlike the first one there is no nudity).

EDIT2: Ah i DO know a movie which is marginally better than both 'Sphere' and 'Knowing'. It is called "Contact", yet another sci-fi movie which seems like these two movies but much better. Actually, it is much more similar to "Knowing" than "Sphere" is, and does it MUCH better. Rotten tomatoes percentage? 65%.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Latinus non amo

i do not love latin. i somehow find it really hard recently. ESPECIALLY THE NEW UNSEEN BOOKLETS. like, wth? why are they suddenly so hard? i hate it! i am sick of tacitus as well.

I feel that our latin class is losing steam. we had a rather satisfying discussion for a whole period on the vices of a certain music captain - a pleasant change from the perceived vices of Nero that Tacitus likes to fixate on so much. Seriously, must he constantly infer things about Nero's blackened soul?

Then again, i suppose that Nero did have some traits that might cause people to dislike him. For example, people might be annoyed by his promiscuity. Or something. And they might think he was squandering Rome's money with his large parties (intended, of course, to turn Rome into Alexandria, since he was sulking about his inability to go to Egypt since he uh. went into Vesta's chamber and started trembling with fear. yes, just randomly. this was then taken as a bad omen, so that he then decided it was not a good idea) ummmm poor Tacitus, i must be interpreting him so terribly : ( i am sorry, great writer.

IB is fun.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Harry says:
*:O It's that time again... Puzzle hunt !
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:
Daniel says:
Harry says:

An excellent conversation. If you are interested in the puzzle hunt, please notify me/harry. Here is some excellent food.
Yummy, isn't it? You can 'enjoy' this food. I'm sure you can, at this location:

You won't see any of these people there:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I saw something better than this but i didn't have my camera with me....

I was in the car driving on the freeway, looking up at the clouds. There were clearly two layers of clouds, one more dark and brooding layer, while a higher layer was on top, closer to heaven. The sun shone through the top layer, and as we drove under the darker (bottom) layer, the perspective gave the impression that the dark layer was blanketing us.

Dad didn't notice but I did. I thought to myself, 'I should take a picture to capture this'...but i couldn't. A lack of camera, you see.

There was a much more three dimensional quality to the clouds that time than I had ever seen before.... Unfortunately i could not make any metaphorical links with this because nothing has happened recently which could connect to this.... perhaps the way school is a barrier to reaching what you truly want, the skies above? I do not know. Yes , ying, i am stealing your well used 'do not use a contraction for empasis' ability.

Something else I enjoyed today was the tristam town is a youtube link to it. It is from the second Diablo game, although it has featured in both games. It was written by Matt Uelmen.

Also I enjoyed the song "Temple of Shadows" by Angra. Youtube it or something i cbf getting a link.

Why am I being so weird in my blog post today? I don't know....I thought I had a cold again this morning but now it seems much better. Another excuse could be the 6 SACs (School Assessed Coursework...s) next week. I don't even feel depressed.... more distressed, with an impending sense of doom....a driving force which helps me do some work.... some work.... : (. I would work much better without VCAA (victorian certificate of my ass) on my back.

That reminds me, I was doing this physics question today and i was extremely uspset that I didn't get it. It made me, as commonly said, 'ragequit'. I may ....not rage quit, but tiredquit now, as this post is far too long for anyone to read to the i mean i'm tired, i'm sure my writing is the purest form of bliss that humankind has ever witnessed.

the next ten minutes

- The Next Ten Minutes, Last Five Years

I could, possibly, have quoted without the capitals, but seriously, that's what it sounds like. It is rather amazing. So is IB, i wish i was more efficient though : (

The rain and overcast sky give me a cosy feeling. There's something nice about drinking tea while there's thunder and rain falling and it's warm, and doing Latin or reading a book seems like the natural thing to do. I think that cold weather is more conducive to studying. That is why we should do May exams instead of November exams - hm that was a bad joke, it would be quite distressing if that actually happened.

The number of bands auditioning for Battle of the Bands has increased - well, not exponentially, but significantly, as in six-fold. Which means that we must try really hard to GET BACK into our true rockselves. Rehearsals start on monday - wish me luck in playing bass!

Which reminds me, if anyone has a bass that they are not using, we need one rather desperately : ( it would be very much appreciated by all of us. I will, uh, transcribe a song for you. um. yes.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Linguistics Olympiad

Well it seems i'm i'll recount the events of the Linguistics Olympiad.

I didn't really want to go to this that's just my teacher suggested i do it. She basically picked us, as opposed to the other class who had multiple people wanting to do it and had their names picked from a hat. There were, in total, 6 year 12's, and about 12 year 11's. We hopped on our dodgey bus and went to the olympiad.

The only person i recognised there from another school was kristen, the one of the other contributers to this blog. She was carrying a huge art thing? I don't know.

Anyway, just before we were to start, a bell went off. It sounded like a fire alarm sort of bell, so i semi-yelled 'fire' jokingly. Somebody then came in, and told us to get out of the building.

I still don't know why the fire alarm went off, but we all had to stand outside for about 30 minutes. Kristen questioned the action I was taking while taking this photo, to which i replied "I'm taking a photo of the firetruck". While we were going back inside, the alarm went off again.

Before starting, the examiner told us we probably couldn't finish the entire paper in the 2 hours. Our group involved Me,Ben and Adrian, and we surprisingly did finish in time, of course adrian did three whole problems by himself (the "easy" ones) and ben got the "hardest one". The last one was the best (even though i didn't get to actually do it), as it involved anime. Very slightly.

I wonder how we'll go....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

harry potter inspires my life

I confess that at times during the night i sit with heated milk and read fanfic voraciously. This, i tell myself, is to console myself about the fact that i am alone, but the truth is -

(i think it's called procrastination)

I am too lazy.

It is, i feel, a sad life when you have lost count of the times you have read [insert trashy fanfic title here]. Then again, i do not know what to say, as Matt is watching the Love Hina Spring Special next to me. Even I did not go that far.

Hopefully tomorrow shall yield more productive results with the rise of the IB spirit.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

guys who can sing up to D frighten me

So i was listening to that DBSK song, Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Shimettandarou, and i noticed that one of them (i assume max, just because i know that he can sing that high - it could be someone else though) randomly sang up to a D. Yes, that is the D an octave above middle C, the D that frequently turns up in songs in assembly, the D that katherine claims she cannot sing, even in headvoice.

Why is that? Why is it that guys are even capable of singing that high???


On Friday i went to see the MGS production of A Midsummer Night's Dream - it was rather amusing. Especially the play, Thisbe and Pyrramus. wth how do you spell pyramus? Phyramus? yes anyway, it was quite hilarious, i spent much of the play laughing while my silent neighbour cast disapproving looks at me. Vincent was quite good as UPRIGHT FROWNING PHILOSTRATE he had quite an amazing booming voice ahahaha.

Hmm i really like the MGS uniform for some reason o__O they have a cool stripy shirt. Sadly even this stripiness is not sufficient to render shorts with long socks acceptable. Please, save our eyes @__@

What else? I am not motivated to do my homework, and Viv asked me to post, so that is why i am here. I am listening to Last Five Years atm. It is the first day of Autumn.

Seasons may change
Summer to Autumn
But i will love you (i will love you)
Until the end of time

Somehow it just does not sound the same. Damn two-syllabled names

Saturday, February 21, 2009

hide and seek

Facebook is TOO DISTRACTING. I must focus on Latin, but how??! Instead i find myself writing a blog entry while listening to oboe concertos! I find the chem prac difficult. That is, I haven't actually tried to do it, but it seems difficult. id difficulum videtur. I think that is completely incorrect.

ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit
- Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap


House concerts are finally over (though they lasted only 3 weeks). I am still in love with Hide and Seek. I wonder if i can obtain the recording ahahaha it is rather different live, since it is cleaner and less electronic. Being, of course, not electronic at all.

I must now return to my homework. It endears me to it by shooting sparks of reproach that sting my mind as I attempt to ignore my duties. How shameful i am. How unlike a pink and wonderful clam. Goodbye.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Journey to the Centre of the Scout Hut

IT's Qi. Qi is reading a comic magazine.
This is Ngan's burger. He likes to eat them. They are from the tuckshop. The tuckshop is dirty. The tuckshop is less dirty than the previous tuckshop.
I am pointing at Tung. I cut his head off becuase he does not enjoy pictures being taken of him.
We were trying to get into the Venturers Hut again. The electronic key did not work, as we could not get it 'charged'(think role playing games). Ironically, the window was left open, so we could bypass the door. Sandbach climbed in the window. He knocked down the curtain.
Rama lay on the couch.
We were supposedly not supposed to go in the hut as somebody had grafitied the walls. I say walls as all of the walls contained some grafiti. The grafiti reminded me of some horror movie, where the antagonist goes insane and writes on the walls in order to express the antagonist's feelings (see what I did thar).
There is now an extra couch in the scout hall, and a gamecube. We had the classic game, 'Super Smash Bro's Melee'. Anders, who is not in the picture, just pwned Sandbach.
Me and rama having private time. Note the placement of the couches, chair, and table.

god i love this video.

This second one is only good if you've seen the thing it comes from.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I took a few pictures while I was at school today. These photgrapic records begin in the venturer hut, with a picture of Jitain's note:
This is a modification of a quote from 'Fight Club' which I may have seen.
This is a photo of someone holding a knife. I'm not sure about you, but this is not normal. He isn't even going to cut the sandwich he's eating with the knife.
I'm not sure who drew on this piece of paper but it shows the general decor of the venturer hut room - it is full of penis'. Somebody stole some loose sleeve paper, and with the markers lying around the room drew many things, on them.
Now out of the Venturer's hut, and into the tuckshop. I am not sure what these actually are - they look like there were some spare meatballs and they needed to get rid of them. Good luck with getting people to eat those balls.
Just before entering the last period of school today - chem. It was also what it looked like finishing school, so let's say I took it then. This signifies the end of the school day.

To finish off, you may want to see somebody dodge fruit while playing cricket with a tennis racket - but you need to be my friend on facebook to see that. Click HERE to see.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I keep dreaming about those scones that were generously provided this morning after the yr 12 investiture assembly. I really want one of the buttery ones atm. Not the jam and cream ones, although they do look prettier. omg! i feel quite impressed with plc actually. As Linh described it, it was like a leafy picnic with tea and scones - very classy. lol.

Those scones were so pretty though ..and they were free! HOW COULD EMILY SHI RESIST EATING THEM??? it is shocking! then again, if like certain people you hate eating when not hungry, i can see why you would be able to resist. Sadly, Wensi and I both find resistance difficult. So. School has been fun so far. It seems, though, that just as the economy spirals down, so does my economic skill fail to improve. Not only do i find it as boring as ever but I also find it rather alarming that I haven't done any eco homework yet! Then again, I have also not done any english homework. Or maths. I think I must blame house concerts for this. And Latin. Why do i spend so much time on Latin and Chem?? ._. "If you don't like your fate, change it! You are your own master, there are no shackles on you." - Aida, Aida

Today I spent over an hour watching Fate/Stay Night - yes, again. I feel rather guilty, but other than that I did homework/practised for the rest of the time. Except for now, when I am supposed to be arranging house music but instead am blogging. Gah.

Ok. I'll stop now and attempt to finish the carnival song I wrote.

OMG NOOO i must also speak of my traumatising experience last night! As I crawled into my overheated bed beneath a thin orange blanket, I felt somewhat tense. This might have been the cause for what happened next - MY IMAGINATION causing a HALLUCINATION? 
And yet it felt so real.
To continue with this account of my (not as dramatic as i am making it out to be) night, I lay still for quite some time attempting to sleep, attempting to ignore the buzzing and humming from insects around my house (to cool the air, we have taken to leaving windows open). WHEN SUDDENLY i heard the noise of: SOMETHING DROPPING FROM THE CEILING ONTO MY BED NEAR MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was seriously freaked out, okay. WHAT COULD IT BE? A SPIDER? it sounded kind of crunchy and like...a...very small bomb???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this happened for the second time i switched on the light and searched my sheets frantically for some sign of life/small bombs. no, i was mostly scared of insects. yet...i found nothing.

and so to help myself sleep i was forced to use my thick quilt, which gave me a greater sense of security but which also increased the temperature significantly so that my clothing became damp. In fact, in the morning my clothing was also slightly damp when i woke up. Um. Anyway.

That is the end of the account of my distressing night. I hope that tonight i shall sleep without fear of insecs/small bombs dropping from the ceiling onto my face.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


looking at this blog with its garish green-ness i was immediately regretful of my decision to join and i cant say by reading the top post at the time was i any more enthused...Wong...disgusting. But do you know what the sad thing is Ying didn't post up her comments, but i can't imagine what one would say to such...abuse.

But i must say i was fascinated by Ying's story about the cat lady..and umbrellas..and tea/coffee...i cant say i remember the story line...but...fascinating none the less.

On a lighter note..or not depending on how you see it. School has begun. I find fate quite amusing sometimes as for the third year in a row i am in room V for maths...i began sleeping in maths in year ten...this escalated to me not being able to stay awake at all in room V ..year eleven came and i failed maths. This year i have high hopes for-like getting into college-so this means i must stay awake in -.-

aaaand i got a puppy!!! its now eight weeks and completely adorable!!^^