Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Supre Experience

Today I went to Westfield for the first time since its renovation. It is exceedingly shiny, even inside shops! If trying on clothes on top of other clothes there is no need to use dressing rooms - one can simply use most surfaces within the shop as a mirror (kind of like at school where everyone stares at themselves in glass doors/windows/the glass on framed pictures).

Anyway. The point of writing this blog was to comment on my experience within Supre. This is a delightful store. It used to be pink but is now black and often has very loud music playing. As I ventured inside the store, I noticed a number of things:
1. There seemed to be about 10 of each design in a number of different colours (makes one wonder where they get all the stock from - or maybe they do not sell much?)
2. EVERYTHING SEEMED TO BE REALLY TIGHT! perhaps i should go on a diet! i felt upset by this.
3. The people in the store seemed to consist of girls under the age of 16 (from my estimation). I wondered, belatedly, if i was too old to be in the store. (distressing)

I did not buy anything.

However, I did feel concerned for the fate of young children, lured into the world of SEXUAL PREDATORS. How can young girls achieve 99.95 if they fixate on fashion/are raped and traumatised? Besides, such tight clothes encourage anorexia.

Based on my experience at supre, I have derived the following equation:
Supre = young girls
Supre = tight clothes
Tight/revealing/short clothes + young girls = danger (for girls/pedophiles)


Supre = danger


Luindilwen said...

LOOOLLL yes i too have been in such a store...when i was about thirteen i think...well..more like my mom shoved me inside and said choose something that isnt black or i wont let you outside the house. but wtvr..
on the equations
therefore if substituting eq 2 into eq 3 supre + young girls = danger but this could have a double meaning LOOL

Kath said...

ying. that is about the most profoundly written piece of literary work i have read in the longest time. (and that excludes my reading of an "exemplar" TOK essay).

you are, not amazing, but Emazing.