Saturday, October 31, 2009


while stuck in limbo waiting for dinner - waiting for exams - waiting for myself to stop procrastinating -

I decided to compile a list of my personal highlights of IB. However, this is not limited to academic highlights (in increasing order of highlightness):

5. unseens
4. maths portfolio (generally acknowledged as one of the major highlights of ib)
3. TOK essays (these were so great)
2. all music exams
1. eco classes

But seriously, I actually did enjoy IB quite a lot. Who knows why. Maybe it's because of:

- battle of the bands
- IB choir
- the ib vs vce battle in yr 12 video
- HL english classes
- composition recordings (strangely fun)

But the best part of IB would have to be:

experiencing the amazing thing that is IB-bonding. Not ionic, nor dispersion, but covalent; electrons of knowledge/aid were shared among atoms that would not break apart at low temperatures (but possibly at high ones), and which would always create large amounts of heat while being broken. I will miss the IB community as I plunge into a sea of delocalised electrons. Good luck everybody!

EDIT: can't stop listening to chocolate love for some reason..very weird
WONGEDIT: I have edited this blog so it now has two levels.


Luindilwen said...

ITS THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER!!!! 19 DAYS LEFT...yes tok was hilarious...unseens???...and was there really a choir..? ..i HATE math portfolios!!WTF they make no sense!!! but despite being in a completely different order of magnitude i guess we are like electrons.

FROGGY said...

hmm. i agree with the IB bonding. extremely happy and close family :)

well .. math portfolios was the worst part of IB for me. Even chem/bio pracs related to what we were actually studying. but portfolios... WHY ON EARTH ?!

Jessica said...

You're so funny.
You know what's just as funny or maybe unfunny is that your list of personal highlights are my exact lowlights minus the unseens because I don't do latin. but chinese unseens are sometimes shit also. eg. essay 1 of paper 1 not that you'd have any idea what i'm talking about.

frothy said...


hi jess.