Saturday, October 31, 2009


while stuck in limbo waiting for dinner - waiting for exams - waiting for myself to stop procrastinating -

I decided to compile a list of my personal highlights of IB. However, this is not limited to academic highlights (in increasing order of highlightness):

5. unseens
4. maths portfolio (generally acknowledged as one of the major highlights of ib)
3. TOK essays (these were so great)
2. all music exams
1. eco classes

But seriously, I actually did enjoy IB quite a lot. Who knows why. Maybe it's because of:

- battle of the bands
- IB choir
- the ib vs vce battle in yr 12 video
- HL english classes
- composition recordings (strangely fun)

But the best part of IB would have to be:

experiencing the amazing thing that is IB-bonding. Not ionic, nor dispersion, but covalent; electrons of knowledge/aid were shared among atoms that would not break apart at low temperatures (but possibly at high ones), and which would always create large amounts of heat while being broken. I will miss the IB community as I plunge into a sea of delocalised electrons. Good luck everybody!

EDIT: can't stop listening to chocolate love for some reason..very weird
WONGEDIT: I have edited this blog so it now has two levels.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

yi-ling's life

i have received complaints that i do not update this blog as much as i ought to. so, to follow the trend of various bloggers updating frequently of late, I decided to uh...update. don't let this stop you from reading wong's excellent posts, though. he rarely posts with inane information about his life (as i generally do). ahem. apologies.

current things that are inspiring me:
- the turtle print singlet i purchased from, yes, that wonderful place called Kmart, last week. With this, I can now showcase my not-so-unique awkward-turtle nature, as well as my great skill for creating awkward turtles, which is embodied in the amazing Turtle Print Singlet. It's almost as if i am a walking advertisement for awkward turtles! kind like i am endorsing Turtles, kind of like Nike, but not really. uh..yeah.
- Chiaki. Yes, I decided to procrastinate more and downloaded ep1 of Minami-ke Okaeri, ie. the apparently okay third season of Minami ke (vs. the wonderful first season and the vaguely repelling second season). I MISS THE SCARY FACES! : ( Other than that, Chiaki is still strangely endearing.
- four of my teachers have informed me that my writing is too small and very hard to read. I am now quite scared that my examiner may refuse to mark my paper. Hence, I have resolved to write more legibly. Well, it sounds easier than it is, okay.
- kath's amazing dancing. she has a really inspiring pelvic-thrust move. it was so amazing that it induced an inspired rendition of Lacrimosa (from Mozart's Requiem) by Wensi.
- stooph talked to me today. inspiring.

Cannot believe there are so few days left of school. It's kind of dulling my anxiety for exams, the knowledge that ...well, this is the end. It's so surreal. I guess we have a lot of time to accept that school is nearly over though, with all the end of year events, but even so, I feel perpetually confused. Especially since we keep having classes for the last time, rehearsals for the last time - it's really strange to think, gosh i will never do this again. I mean, it's kind of like my world (based around school like the true nerd i am) is collapsing. No wonder I want to watch anime all the time.

...but don't worry. we still have our blogs.

Wongsta's Section

I got 9 questions wrong. More than 10 wrong and you got a disctinction or worse. I additionally didn't realize there was an electrochemical series on the quiz. Does that count as a anecdote?

This image should show you how my reality is not being dissolved away by the end of my schooling.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I signed up for an account on twitter around a year ago and posted approximately 5 times before giving up. Now, however, with the discovery of this, it seems that i have no choice but to let twitter make a comeback into my life.

...for those of you who are Glee fans but not Kurt fans, Sue Sylvester's twitter may incite more interest. (it's hilarious)

Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry are also featured. Sadly, no Finn.

Glee is such a great show. With modern technology, crazed fans like myself can even procrastinate further and be drawn into things like twitter.

Speaking of which: my twitter account is frothy, although I ...doubt i will post much. Feel free to follow me, I am a very good shepherd.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Undulatus Asperatus

My new favorite cloud.


From wikipedia:
Undulatus asperatus (or alternately, asperatus) is a rare, newly recognized cloud formation, that was proposed in 2009 as the first cloud formation added since cirrus intortus in 1951 to the International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization.[1] The name translates approximately as roughened or agitated waves.[2]

This one gets bigger if you save it.


Reminds me of those mathematical fractals you can get. Sort of like the 4d fractal projected onto a 3d plane...except coloured in by the sun.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Monty Hall Answer

Sure, this has been done before. I just thought i'd write up my answer for this problem. I will assume you have read what the problem is already.

There are only two possibilities behind the door you pick: either a car or a goat. The probabilities for each are 1/3 for a car and 2/3 for a goat (before you do any switching etc).

Let us consider the first case, with the car behind the door you pick. Now the GSH reveals a goat. In this case, since the other, unrevealed door is also a goat, it would be best to not switch. Therefore, in the 1/3 case that you do have the car, you should not switch.

The other case would be if you had a goat. The GSH will unveil another goat. The unrevealed door now contains a car. In this case, you should switch, in order to obtain a car. However, the chance that this case is the one you have is 2/3.

This means that, overall, switching will be beneficial, since 2/3 times switching will will allow you to win.

I found this way of thinking through a little easier than the methods on Wikipedia. I'm not sure why. I hope my explanation is not wrong.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


CANNOT BRING SELF TO STUDY. curse my decision to do Latin and Eco exams on same day. i should have stuck with my decision to do Eco first, so that i would get it out of the way. as it is, have no incentive.

in other news, i keep fighting with people! i am an assassin - one of the IB League.


EDIT: wow I can edit your post ying! Unfortunately i could not bring myself to study this morning because I was asleep. Actually I woke up early because my stomach hurt. However I had a trip to the pool and it was resolved.

Has anyone watched Genshiken?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cross posted blog from I thought you might enjoy this.

As most of you can tell, this blog is not getting the most hits…actually it is doing very poorly. Occasionally, I receive some good comments from readers.

Someone please tell me why the character on the right has a calf longer than her entire arm and why the stripper’s uniform is necessary – skip the skimpy school uniform and get to business because obviously pedophilia is the underlying message in this craftily named School Days to avoid public attention while attracting all asian men of all shapes and sizes in a massive frenzied orgy gosh get a damn haircut before you fall over because of the imbalance caused by all that follicle crap THATS AN AWESOME BRIEFCASE I WANT THAT BRIEFCASE THE BROWN ONE NOT THE BLACK ONE so I can sell it for profit to a discerning bear and those stairs are sexy and compliment the fence 5/5!!!!!1!!!! go watch now before you get sober

Thanks for giving me some more content for my blog, anonymous.