Friday, May 29, 2009

exams #2

I am not sure how i have ended up in the computer room, blogging while all of those HL chem people are still doing their exam (lol) - even so it seems a bit silly. But you know, exams have dissolved my social life (ie. msn) so i do not seem to have anything to do now except wait for the HL people to come out and complain about how hard their exam was. Ok I must predict their responses:

Fiona - oh, it was alright, there were some things i didn't know but i think i did ok
Kath - did you get the question on [insertHLthing]? it was so hard. like the whole thing was really hard. I studied so much but i think i did really badly.
Wensi - hahaha chem! oh well, at least it was better than maths
Viv - ...must study for Bio


Anyway, exams are halfway through now. The maths exam was horrible, all the more so because it would have been very possible if only i/we had studied the correct things enough (ie. statistics). As viv has commented, kristen did, in fact, miss the exam because she thought it was at another time. Gosh i would have felt rather panicked if i were her - she seemed quite relaxed though, i suppose she can do it at some other time/perhaps she was already resigned to having missed it.

Oh my. Extended essay is due in two weeks! And mine only half written! Dear oh dear.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

exams :(

Tis the season to be jolly!

Exams would be better if i were more focussed. And if i had already finished all my internals. As it is, I seem to still not have finished my music investigation or my extended essay. They feed on the pitiful limbs with biting : ( Gosh what an awkward translation.

Toora loora toora loo rye aye!

I am rather obsessed with that song that the other plc band played in Battle of the Bands: Save Ferris - Come On Eileen. It is so catchy!!! I feel as though i am capable of exam revision with encouraging music such as this. I actually like carbon chem now o__O I think it is also because it is standard level. ahaha.

On thursday i had four spares. YES. i must recount my spare adventures:
p1 - music spare (ms friend was away); emily played Secret <3 and i tried to learn it
p2 - FAL spare (mr green was away); composed YAY.
p4 - eco spare (HL classes only for the next 2 or so weeks); did some eco homework
p5 - actual spare; gossiped with fiona/wensi

Hmm it seems that matt has gone to sleep already! i am alone : (


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Who invented them and why are they so irritating? Gosh. I do not wish to continue with this. Yet it seems that i must : (   How saddening.

I feel rather disorganised. Somehow I find internal assessments difficult. I feel unable to think! IB offends me. Then again, I am also quite excited for formal LOL just like everyone else i seem to only be able to talk about formal-related things at this time. For example - ok i shall not go into this but instead provide readers with two exciting and hopefully new words!

Two useful words for describing males:

avuncular, adj. - 1. of or relating to an uncle; 2. suggestive of an uncle particularly in kindness or geniality
uxorious, adj. - excessively fond of or submissive to a wife, ie. an accommodating husband, but not necessarily with negative connotations.

and do you agree with my suggestion of Argall/Victor respectively