Saturday, November 14, 2009


Just went to a concert by a group called Raga Dolls Salon Orchestra. Was expecting pseudo-classical Viennese waltzes, some of which they did play, but actually heard some cool GYPSYISH music. It was rather exciting. I like tangos! Especially Emily's tango piece, and the tango bg music in Bakemonogatari. ^___^

...yes viv this is in direct response to your post.

Anyway. Last week I was on the tram home from my Eco exam when two old men sat down opposite me. I was wearing this shirt.

($5 from cotton on, bought as a set of 5 for my wind quintet, No Strings Attached. Yes, I was very excited to find it. Sadly I did not consider the other implications of such a slogan, and in fact never do when wearing it. A mistake, perhaps.)
So I was sitting there and one of the old men kept giving me weird looks. After a while, he said something like this: "Ah, no strings attached - that's the kind of woman I like."
To which I replied: "Ah. Yes."
...a brilliant response.
The old men cackled.
Thankfully, the tram soon stopped and I got out. So did they.
I crossed the road and sat down at another tram stop, to make my way home. After a while, I looked up and yes, they were there, and yes, there was another comment:
Old man to other old man: "Look, it's the girl with no strings attached."
cackle cackle.
..and that is the end of my adventure with my No Strings Attached shirt. Sadly, I doubt i shall stop wearing it, despite the aura of disrepute it may give me. I am a Loose Girl.