Thursday, October 15, 2009

yi-ling's life

i have received complaints that i do not update this blog as much as i ought to. so, to follow the trend of various bloggers updating frequently of late, I decided to uh...update. don't let this stop you from reading wong's excellent posts, though. he rarely posts with inane information about his life (as i generally do). ahem. apologies.

current things that are inspiring me:
- the turtle print singlet i purchased from, yes, that wonderful place called Kmart, last week. With this, I can now showcase my not-so-unique awkward-turtle nature, as well as my great skill for creating awkward turtles, which is embodied in the amazing Turtle Print Singlet. It's almost as if i am a walking advertisement for awkward turtles! kind like i am endorsing Turtles, kind of like Nike, but not really. uh..yeah.
- Chiaki. Yes, I decided to procrastinate more and downloaded ep1 of Minami-ke Okaeri, ie. the apparently okay third season of Minami ke (vs. the wonderful first season and the vaguely repelling second season). I MISS THE SCARY FACES! : ( Other than that, Chiaki is still strangely endearing.
- four of my teachers have informed me that my writing is too small and very hard to read. I am now quite scared that my examiner may refuse to mark my paper. Hence, I have resolved to write more legibly. Well, it sounds easier than it is, okay.
- kath's amazing dancing. she has a really inspiring pelvic-thrust move. it was so amazing that it induced an inspired rendition of Lacrimosa (from Mozart's Requiem) by Wensi.
- stooph talked to me today. inspiring.

Cannot believe there are so few days left of school. It's kind of dulling my anxiety for exams, the knowledge that ...well, this is the end. It's so surreal. I guess we have a lot of time to accept that school is nearly over though, with all the end of year events, but even so, I feel perpetually confused. Especially since we keep having classes for the last time, rehearsals for the last time - it's really strange to think, gosh i will never do this again. I mean, it's kind of like my world (based around school like the true nerd i am) is collapsing. No wonder I want to watch anime all the time.

...but don't worry. we still have our blogs.

Wongsta's Section

I got 9 questions wrong. More than 10 wrong and you got a disctinction or worse. I additionally didn't realize there was an electrochemical series on the quiz. Does that count as a anecdote?

This image should show you how my reality is not being dissolved away by the end of my schooling.


hungy said...

Wong, you are a legend. Salute.

Thta doesn't mean you're not though ying. This blog seems alot more lively than mine :\

And damn, how long did you spend coluring in those bubbles?

Stooph said...

woah, wong you pro.

And.. what are you implying with that comment ying :\