Sunday, February 01, 2009


looking at this blog with its garish green-ness i was immediately regretful of my decision to join and i cant say by reading the top post at the time was i any more enthused...Wong...disgusting. But do you know what the sad thing is Ying didn't post up her comments, but i can't imagine what one would say to such...abuse.

But i must say i was fascinated by Ying's story about the cat lady..and umbrellas..and tea/coffee...i cant say i remember the story line...but...fascinating none the less.

On a lighter note..or not depending on how you see it. School has begun. I find fate quite amusing sometimes as for the third year in a row i am in room V for maths...i began sleeping in maths in year ten...this escalated to me not being able to stay awake at all in room V ..year eleven came and i failed maths. This year i have high hopes for-like getting into college-so this means i must stay awake in -.-

aaaand i got a puppy!!! its now eight weeks and completely adorable!!^^

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