Friday, March 27, 2009


"WHAT? A movie review on this blog?" (you may or may not say in disbelief)

It isn't really a review. Just some thoughts vaguely related to the movie ('Knowing' is the name of the movie). The first thought is of the fact that I visited one of the locations the movie was filmed. I recognised it immediately as being familiar, the site being the Synchotron in Australia. This is not that surprising considering most of the movie was filmed in Melbourne.





The second thought I felt after the movie, when I realised I should have probably seen different movie. To combat this problem ever occuring again, I have formulated a movie plan to be carried out by me before I watch the movie. Here it is:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Search the movie
  3. If it has a low score (this movie had an average score of 4.4 out of ten)
  4. Read some other reviews/ask friends about it, if necessary
I think the best description of 'Knowing' is a mashup of "War of the Worlds", but more philosophically orientated in purpose (in terms of actual screentime, it has roughly the same amount of action). As Yi-Ling commented after she watched the film, there were MANY unnecessary 'shock' scenes, which held no other purpose but to keep the viewer awake. I also realized there was a scene which does not make sense if you finish watching the movie (a contradiction).

If you like a somewhat depressing action film which, as many modern films today do, sacrifices good story telling for what will excite consumers, still shouldn't watch this film.. Another film I [can reccomend instead, which you will like more] cannot reccomend (see edit), is "Sphere is a 1998 psychological science fiction thriller film", from Wikipedia. It is similar in what 'it wants to be' as a film, but I think Sphere explores the concepts better which it has chosen, has a better twist, and contains much less 'mindless modern entertainment' that today's movies seem to have entwined into them / interlaced in them.(I was going to say a word which started with en- in the place of 'woven' but I forgot what it was while I was typing it. Could somebody help me out? (the word is not 'enwoven').

EDIT: MA BAD , i watched this movie a REALLY long time ago. "Sphere currently holds a 13% fresh rating at rottentomatoes, with an average score of 4.1/10 and is currently the worst reviewed movie of Dustin Hoffman". Ok, maybe you shouldn't listen to my recommendations. Go watch the second Ghost in the Shell movie, you can't go wrong with that! (unlike the first one there is no nudity).

EDIT2: Ah i DO know a movie which is marginally better than both 'Sphere' and 'Knowing'. It is called "Contact", yet another sci-fi movie which seems like these two movies but much better. Actually, it is much more similar to "Knowing" than "Sphere" is, and does it MUCH better. Rotten tomatoes percentage? 65%.


Lurker #1 said...

Do you mean 'entwined'?

what a nice blog XD
Sphere has a nice twist to it.

LOL and why always check rottentomatoes? There could be other sites, you know...

Wongsta said...

yes i DID mean entwined, thankyou. yes there are other sites...but i reall can't be bothered checking multiple sites :(.

frothy said...

Who are you our lurker : (

After I had had some time to think about the movie, I started to forget its bad points and instead began to fixate on the christian subplot/surplot???? christian bits, which at that time i thought seemed quite well done. I began to think such positive things like, it was quite well written, the foreshadowing here was useful etc.

I feel troubled. Even after I have said those things, I still would rather not have watched it. Even so, it was quite good in some ways. And free. Thanks wensi.