Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I took a few pictures while I was at school today. These photgrapic records begin in the venturer hut, with a picture of Jitain's note:
This is a modification of a quote from 'Fight Club' which I may have seen.
This is a photo of someone holding a knife. I'm not sure about you, but this is not normal. He isn't even going to cut the sandwich he's eating with the knife.
I'm not sure who drew on this piece of paper but it shows the general decor of the venturer hut room - it is full of penis'. Somebody stole some loose sleeve paper, and with the markers lying around the room drew many things, on them.
Now out of the Venturer's hut, and into the tuckshop. I am not sure what these actually are - they look like there were some spare meatballs and they needed to get rid of them. Good luck with getting people to eat those balls.
Just before entering the last period of school today - chem. It was also what it looked like finishing school, so let's say I took it then. This signifies the end of the school day.

To finish off, you may want to see somebody dodge fruit while playing cricket with a tennis racket - but you need to be my friend on facebook to see that. Click HERE to see.

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richaod said...

Wait, school got MORE interesting without us around? wtf?