Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So i was flipping through the diary of the yr 7 me (lol) and in case you weren't acquainted with me back then, this is the kind of amazing thing i used to say:

"I don't get it, Katherine says she is beautiful yet she dresses like a boy."

Sorry Katherine. Yr 7 me was harsh. You are very beautiful.

(nearly there!!)


kath said...

HAHAHA. that cracks me up.

i miss you ying!

kath said...

but wait, how did you even know me in year 7? o_O
i mean.. i don't think i knew you.

Luindilwen said...

LOOOLL you must have been then i had forgotten that you existed...until i was shockingly reminded in yr nine.

FROGGY said...

lol kristen, how were you shockingly reminded of yi-ling in year 9 ?? LOL