Friday, May 29, 2009

exams #2

I am not sure how i have ended up in the computer room, blogging while all of those HL chem people are still doing their exam (lol) - even so it seems a bit silly. But you know, exams have dissolved my social life (ie. msn) so i do not seem to have anything to do now except wait for the HL people to come out and complain about how hard their exam was. Ok I must predict their responses:

Fiona - oh, it was alright, there were some things i didn't know but i think i did ok
Kath - did you get the question on [insertHLthing]? it was so hard. like the whole thing was really hard. I studied so much but i think i did really badly.
Wensi - hahaha chem! oh well, at least it was better than maths
Viv - ...must study for Bio


Anyway, exams are halfway through now. The maths exam was horrible, all the more so because it would have been very possible if only i/we had studied the correct things enough (ie. statistics). As viv has commented, kristen did, in fact, miss the exam because she thought it was at another time. Gosh i would have felt rather panicked if i were her - she seemed quite relaxed though, i suppose she can do it at some other time/perhaps she was already resigned to having missed it.

Oh my. Extended essay is due in two weeks! And mine only half written! Dear oh dear.


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Luindilwen said...

LOOLL ying
you captured kath, fiona, vivi and wensi perfectly...and well...yeah hmmm...math...wont do that again.