Sunday, August 30, 2009

more endings

Despite what has been written and inferred by certain people, this blog is not ending. However (as I realised recently) Yr 12 is.


As i checked my plc email I noticed that "this friday form assembly will be put aside for a preliminary locker cleanup". My initial reaction was ??!?!!!! and then "oh dear! maybe we will not have lockers next term!" and then "oh dear, we are actually leaving plc after disturbing".

I don't know about other people's feelings towards their schools but I am actually quite sad about leaving plc. As wensi often points out (sneeringly, like snape) I am a Junior School Girl and have actually been at plc since year for TEN YEARS (not as long as viv/sav though). 

sigh. and, like, there were no guys. not that i am sexist, but I highly doubt i will experience guyfreedom again. unless I go to an all girls' college. or teach at a girls' school. anyway, yes my point is that a special time is almost over. i am sure it had its flaws and things but i will miss it too.

my music recital is over, too - i feel a bit stunned. and angsty august is nearly over, too.

gosh. i cannot believe this.

the world is exploding! (slightly)


Luindilwen said...

LOOLLL ying how can you be sad!?

school's almost out!! after TEN LONG YEARS for the both of us if you do remember.

btw.. when was the last time you were guyfree hello.. wong et al.??

by this summer we shall all be free!!

hungy said...

I admit i also feel quite sentimental about leaving school, despite being an (imo) unsentimental man. Do not want to grow up :\

FROGGY said...

oh dear. i think i should treat my locker with more respect now.and not use it as a mini library and op shop anymore.

wait no, i must make full use of it. arghhhhhhh

☆wensi said...

no longer will you be able to punch people in the boobs without being looked upon as odd! D: