Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Well. Exam #1, Chemistry, was not bad. I am not sure if i "won" but I do hope it was alright.

Not really much to say about this, except that I have a problem with the intensely staring, sl0w-speaking lady who conducts our exam. I suppose there might be a need for her to check over all our papers but must she stare at us so disapprovingly while we do our exams?! And why must they whisper so loudly??? :(

Hope everyone went ok, but it was a fairly standard exam imo (although I feel paranoid about getting the entire first question wrong...I can't tell if what i did was right or not). Also, those tags that are used to connect our hole-punched papers are so cool!


EDIT: WTHOMGAKL;DSJFKL;DSAFJKL;DSAF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have just been informed that i screwed up question 1. Did not realise that the iron ions needed to be balanced to 5mol. WHAT ON EARTH. Must study for paper 3 now, I am appalled.

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Luindilwen said...

GO YING im sure you did fine! ...do you reckon it would be better to count down the hours!! YES we are down to hours!!!!(in a decent order of magnitude)........gosh math..good luck for paper three!