Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sport, again

We had house sport yesterday and somehow i ended up playing soccer. This was actually quite fun surprisingly enough, despite my lack of skills. Sadly my house captain seemed to be unable to understand that i actually lacked these skills.

HC: "Linh, run! Run and kick the ball! Go, Linh, go! *squeal*"

...as you can see, she also seemed to keep forgetting my name.

Later I attempted to kick the ball as it was coming towards me. Sadly my foot went over the ball and hit..the air. This was unfortunate, but not unexpected.

HC: "Linh, I saw that! you were deliberately trying not to kick the ball!!!"

I have never been accused of this before in such a serious tone.

Katherine confessed to me today. She told me that she would "turn homo" for me. Well, now we know the reason behind all of her boob-punching. Hah! I believe that her verbal attacks on my "boobies" are in fact, fuelled by her intense desire for me.

I think i like this word too much...intense. : (

1 comment:

Luindilwen said...

well ying or should i say linh!
but LOL all i can say is i wish i was there LOOOLLL wow your foot went ...over the ball? LOOLL but maybe she's right perhaps you weren't trying or perhaps you are really linh!!! *dramatic music*