Sunday, November 14, 2010

my excellent l1f3

recently i have been doing many exciting things, following end of exams. yay! 

Today I went to Castlemaine! It was pretty, and I want to live in Castlemaine now. Plus all the streets had funny names, like Lyttleton Street. Also I went into the bookstore and found a book full of poetry by students at the Castlemaine high school. How impressive. The students had cool names also, like Zorro Maplestone (this is not a joke). Damn being asian. I have now decided my name is Gertrude Heartson.

Other exciting things that have happened include my visitation of passionflower. OMG this was very exciting/wonderful. Ryan and I consumed Sticky Rice, Passionfruit and Espresso, all of which were quite overwhelming particularly the passionfruit sorbet. I also heard a great song about peacocks*.

Speaking of songs, I have been listening to Taylor Swift and John Mayer lately. I really like say! and slow dancing. ♥ 

Now I must insert a picture for aesthetic purposes.

macaroons from Lindt cafe from ryan ♥

How are your holidays going?

*have researched on wikipedia and it is by Katy Perry. I hope Katy obtains that coveted glimpse of the peacock. Also I believe this song would be greatly superior if it were by Ke$ha, just saying.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

the joys of uni life

Steph promotes mount franklin ♥ 

How embarrassing. I have not posted for many days/weeks months. In fact i have a feeling I have not posted for the entirety of the semester...oh dear! How embarrassing.

Many things have excited me lately eg. music/anime/vce....HMM

I also made the same brownie recipe three times - the first turned out like stale bread as I forgot to add enough butter. The second time, it was really cakelike for some reason. So the third time I actually made it into muffin-shapes in the hope that it could just actually be a cake and there would be no shameful recipe failing, but i put too much mixture in the tins or something and they overflowed and looked like mushrooms.

AHHH. i just looked through 3 pages of mushrooms in an attempt to find an appropriate image to link to. Unfortunately it was too nauseating/appalling and I gave was like a normal cake with a ridiculous fringe type thing. Kind of like my fringe. Not really. Actually, I am having issues deciding whether to go back to side fringe or to retain this funny not quite straight fringe type thing - due to my laziness I am kind of in an inbetween state atm...gosh. Perhaps I should dye it all pink, i have had this urge lately...oh dear!

Wow. I wonder why i do not blog more often. Look at this really interesting subject material i've delved into.

Here is another photo to brighten up the post! Look at our great camwhoring skills...

Wong & I (like the king and i)

I am great at taking pictures.

Other interesting things:

- peanut butter

have you made anything with peanut butter lately? How do YOU feel about peanut butter? ♥

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

restaurant standards: 1228


As a result i will now upload all the images i was intending to post in it and remove my commentary!!!!!!!!!!! okay, i lied, i can't bring myself to not-write..

katherine made me a wonderful omelette and also some yummy oatmeal pancakes. they were so healthy seeming but not really but mostly very very delicious! YAY. she has now inspired me to cook more.

who could resist this smiling innocent face? ♥

I also recently went to a cafe in Box Hill called 1228! It is opposite the tramstop and is Steph's favourite cafe. Yes, we met at 12:28pm (though regrettably not on the 28th of December. additionally i was late, as is typical of me. shameful). 

Wong had the lunch special, a bento box. steph and i chose it for him because there were "so many choices". He refused to look at the menu after this, to choose a more suitable meal. Oh well, he seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed his drink, it was tangy - Passionfruit Milky Tea! aww. Steph had lychee and I had honey, which INFINITELY SUBTLE YET COMPLEX. Their bubble tea is good and standard-price. They also had, under the jelly/pearl additions, "mango". Wong exclaimed over this, but sadly Steph informed him that it was probably "mango jelly". sadness!

my restaurant review is failing.

I ate their special or something, it was "small". anyway it was REALLY DELICIOUS and i keep CRAVING IT. $8.50 for a large bowl!

They also had cute colourful walls and random triangles on the ceiling. Also, you order by ticking things on a piece of paper, which the waiters then come around and collect! 
All in all, a cute and cheap cafe with good/filling food, large serves and nice bubble tea.
RATING:  ♥♥♥♥♥ (make of this what you will)

I highly recommend it!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Man Journal, Part 1

First part of my man-journal. The guy whose name I forgot from Japanator coined the previously mentioned phrase 'man journal'.

02/07/10 - Friday
Toast for lunch, doritos as snack, pizza for dinner, 3 slices of pizza at about 1:30AM

Sleep Time:
Woke up at 12:00PM. Slept briefly while ben was here at about 4/5 ??? Slept from 4:00AM to 2:00PM the next day

Notable activities:
Ben came over, woke me up at 12. Left at 6:45. Immediately after disassembled laptop to fix broken headphone jacks. Fixed both headphone jacks without soldering anything, but accidentally made one of the jacks think something is plugged in all the time, hence speakers don't work.
My brother is having a sleepover at our house today with some friends.
TPG has not switched over my internet yet :(
Played Fate/Stay Night for a bit at some point. Happy that voices work in this version of it.

Anime watched:
4? episodes of Trigun, 1.5 episodes of Arakawa Under the Bridge, 4 episodes of Lucky Star.

Anime notes:
Trigun: Is awesome. I like the characters alot, and their voice actors
Lucky Star: <3 Konata.
Arakawa Under the Bridge: The voice actor for Maria (Sawashiro, Miyuki: Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari / Girls D.M lead singer from Angel Beats / Canaan from Canaan / Selty from DRRR / Shinku from Rozen Maiden) has a hot voice.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the adventures of gingerbread

Once upon a time there was a small edible man. His name was Gingerbread*.

Gingerbread had a few bits missing. His buttons had been forcibly dyed by his former lover (the rain) whom had coloured them brown to match his eyes. Or rather, eye.

Good luck Gingerbread! I hope the rain doesn't destroy you. Sometimes relationships can be destructive like that.

Had breakfast with Vincent in a little cafe near Flinders Street Station. This was delicious! Rich, golden egg yolk amazes me. Hollandaise sauce almost feels like overkill (surely not).

Attempted manicure in white/silver for MGS formal. UHHH. As you can see, i'm good at this.

Vincent and I at formal! No, I did not go with him, he went with his girlfriend.

Lastly...I finally opened my jewellery shop! It is currently being advertised on the sidebar. Please visit it, I'm hoping to add more items soon...

EXAMS ALMOST OVER - imminent relief? one can only hope! ^_____^

* Gingerbread was discovered one day in a bush on my street on my way to uni.
**You can probably tell i'm trying to make my posts more picture-dense. Sadly this has made me write strangely...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting carried away

So, i was on facebook and i saw this image.

I wondered who the author was, so i did a quick image search using Tineye (search images which are identical but cropped of your image).

The text which was formerly on her chest/むね was "nitro super sonic" so i googled that. This is what I posted as a comment. Note that I added the person whose photo it was so i could comment...

Was bored so i did some digging on this pic.
Using Tin Eye, got some matches.

HQ one (note: quite huge image):

Site NSFW 18+ etc etc explaining what this is about:
NSFW!! http://www.neko NSFW!!

So in summary, this is image is the mascot of an event (Nitro Super Sonic) which is held for the eroge company Nitroplus.

Yea ...i get carried away doing stuff like this lol

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Recently, many people seem to be going through parent difficulties. This is nothing new, of course. But it seems as though the independence gained through graduating high school and entering uni may lead to further conflict between teenagers and their parents, who may feel as though they have no control, while of course teenagers are just like, "why should they control me anyway?!!!"

Parental control is something that teenagers rebel against, even while inwardly acknowledging that their parents only want the best for them and may, indeed, know better. However while contemplating the relationship between parents and children, i began to wonder whether respect for parents on the part of the child was implicit or had to be earned. Or, to go further, whether children still had an obligation to treat their parents with respect even if they themselves were not respected by their parents. 

Some time ago, my father said to me, "I am not looking for equality in this relationship."

As soon as he said this, I immediately felt rather disturbed, as though a wrong note had been sounded in a chord. For even if there is no equality in a parent-child relationship at the point when that child is only a teenager, would there not come a time when equality (equilbrium, lol) was achieved? If we consider "capability to look after" as the criteria for "superiority", it would then seem that after that point the "superiority" would shift towards the side of the child, who (then an adult) would then become increasingly "superior"? I guess this means that equality would not be achieved for a while. The point I am trying to make is that although some parents do not anticipate their loss of "superiority", they are unfortunately doomed to become such. Similarly, it is expected and even favourable that teenagers should strive towards greater independence, in light of their increasing "superiority" as opposed to their parents' "inferiority". 

Not that I am saying parents are inferior, or anything. Nor that teenagers should ignore the advice of their elders. Simply, that perhaps parents and children should try to think outside of the parent-children relationship, and view each other simply as people...on second thoughts this might lead to bad things.

What do you think? Is equality between children and parents ever achievable, or even desirable? And if so, is teenage rebellion justified?

Friday, May 21, 2010

My first bilingual post (sorry for butchering your language)

New song and my favorite voice actor

On Monday of this week I became a fan of "c.cedille" [a band]. C.cedille is not famous. C.cedille's singer is Emily. Emily's voice is good. I like her new song, it's name is "Hidamari".

My favorite music is anime music [not really]. Yuu Kobayashi is an anime voice actor. Ms Kobayashi's song's name is "Hanaji" [means nosebleed]. Hanaji is not serious at all. Ms Kobayashi's voice is strange, but interesting.


今週の月曜日"c.cedille"のファンでした。c.cedille はゆうめいでんわありません。 ”c.cedille” のかしゅはEmilyさん. Emilyさんのこえはいいです。あたらしいうたがすきです、なまえは「
わたしの好きなおんがくはアニメのおんがくもすきです。ゆうこばやしはアニメのせいゆう(voice actor)。こばやしさんのうたのなまえは「はなじ」(nosebleed)。「はなじ」はあまりまじめないです。こばやしさんのこえはへんで
すが, こえはおもしろいです。

link: Hidamari
link: Hanaji

Friday, May 14, 2010


I deleted my facebook. I will make a new one under the name drojf wongsta. That is all.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


(she woke me up DAILY! don't need no STARBUCKS.)

and i was like




i was like


thought you'd always be mine

not that you were. really. ever. oh (NO!)

Saturday, May 01, 2010


I was stalking alice and dana and felt that i too should post about my life in a similar style, ie, using abbreviated/changed names and more detail than i usually give. Hence, the title of this post, which is an acronym for Yi-Ling Ate Yogurt. (This is a lie, unfortunately, however I did eat some nutella this morning.)

Anyway, my life lately has been fun. I had an enjoyable time when SA unexpectedly accompanied me to Wong's house and exclaimed over how castle-like it was. This was also slightly embarrassing in that I realised how much i treat wong's house as my own.

wong: "There's a motion sensor that makes the light turn on when someone is outside the house."
yi-ling: "There is someone outside our house!"
Thus perpetuating the common belief that wong and i are married, even though if we were married wong's house would still not be my house.

I also saw VC yesterday! I wish that he did not give so many details of his relationship with JC (?). Hmm. However, it was entertaining in some ways. I then ran into VC (other) and other PLCs, as it was JL's birthday. Happy birthday JL! More importantly, I regained my umbrella, which made me feel rather contented and secure. This was strange as i have already obtained the meaning of life, however any rain-repelling device is a bonus i suppose. Which reminds me, WC gave me her veryshiny silver jacket, which is also waterproof! Although many people seem to dislike it for its intense shininess, I am very grateful as it is both warm and rain-repelling. Thank you WC.

My mother has asked me what i am doing. I think she disapproves of my blogging even though i do not do it very often : ( What a shock. Unfortunately this means that i must stop now and revert to reading harry potter fanfic. Additionally, I feel that i am unable to keep up this style of blogging sadly enough. : ( Nevertheless...

please scroll down to read about Wong's sad story about cancelled classes! We seem to post in swells or something, it is unfortunate.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Today, I went to my chem lecture. It was, however, cancelled, and I did not know that it was cancelled because I skipped the lecture on Tuesday.

I then went to the airport lounge to kill time before my biology lab. I met Freddo and Dave before I even could go inside the campus centre. We went inside and talked for a while. Then I saw OJ.

I asked OJ, "Have you had your bio lab yet?".

He replied "There are no bio labs on this week".

And the disciples returned to their villages to spread the message of Jesus then I was sad.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Anime Stats

A comparison of anime I and other people have watched. A side note to the actual content of this article is that it took me a long time to write. This was because:
    I wanted to use graphs. I remembered google had some cool thing for it. I didn't remeber I had to learn how to use their (easy to use) language.

    It was very late. Or rather is very late. It is 4:21. After some more editing it is 4:39.

    This doesn't really relate to the "this was because part", but the will to write this post came from my love of anime and making charts.

    You know how it gets late at night; you start with one dot point and can't stop!

    Yes, the dot points are invisible

Before anyone complains, these stats may not be accurate. Now you can't complain. Except yi-ling. You can complain, since I pushed your post and image of your hairy mishap down the page.

It appears that Howard has watched episodes which are shorter than Hungy, as Hungy manages to catch up on Howard a bit in terms of days watched.

Howard has watched many Detective Conan and Doraemon Movies...

Here are the raw stats. Note these are from MyAnimeList, and will only be accurate if the users update their list every time they watch something.

Anime Shared with me:
hungy:34 82.9
yi-ling:33 72.7
chewy:31 78.1
howard:11 38.2

TV: 143, OVA: 17, Movies: 15, Specials: 13, Episodes: 1,399, DL Eps: 27, Days: 23.00, Mean: 7.8

TV: 94, OVA: 12, Movies: 8, Specials: 1, Episodes: 2,532, DL Eps: 0, Days: 42.78, Mean: 7.6

TV: 50, OVA: 3, Movies: 7, Specials: 2, Episodes: 972, DL Eps: 24, Days: 16.48, Mean: 8.0

TV: 95, OVA: 14, Movies: 18, Specials: 5, Episodes: 1,778, DL Eps: 46, Days: 28.99, Mean: 6.9

TV: 68, OVA: 2, Movies: 53, Specials: 9, Episodes: 3,415, DL Eps: 0, Days: 46.74, Mean: 6.4

Self Counted - number of ONA series incl dropped (and what they are)

chewy: 4
(Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E.73: Stargazer,The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya,Nyoro-n Churuya-san[haruhi],Hetalia Axis Powers)
wong: 4
(Hetalia Axis Powers,The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya,Eve no Jikan,Candy Boy, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san [it's listedin wrong category])
howard: 1
(eve no jikan)
yi-ling: 1
(Candy Boy)
hungy: 0 :(

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello. I feel the need to blog about a very distressing event in my life. This event took place approximately 30 mins ago, over a very short space of time.

But wait. If I think about it, it probably went back further than the past few weeks.

"Gosh are you even able to see anything?" remarked one of my friends.
"I like the way it looks..." another told me.

"I feel stupid because one of my eyes is entirely hidden..." I thought.

And so, the fateful incident was set in motion. As I tooted away on my beloved rod (no sexual pun intended), I came to the conclusion that I would chop it off to a decent length, and expose my right eye to the light of the world once more.

and so, I rushed upstairs, eager to begin the process. I thought, "oh this won't take long!"

The first chop was rather satisfying. I peered at myself, thinking unwisely, "this is unsufficient i must cut more." And then... "oops!"

I was horrified by what i saw in the mirror:

WHAT IS THIS TRAVESTY OF FRINGES? Neither straight, nor even...too short to be attractive, yet indecisive in its length...and worse, it was two-toned due to my regrowth (visible even despite the slow-growingness of my hair)!

Additionally my (awful) eyebrows are now visible. WOE IS ME. (do you see my horrified expression)

Ahh. While there are those of you who feel I may be overreacting to this ("hair will grow back in a few weeks...don't worry yi-ling"), I do feel that my hair mishap is small compared to that of my brother, who in an attempt to cut his own hair has carved two lines into the side. He has informed me that he will tell people who ask him that "the hairdresser tripped". LOL

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

music things

Hi. I've been guilted into posting by Viv's subtle message that "nobody else is updating" , and also by the profusion of wongposts that I see everytime i open this blog. Yes, I am aware that I haven't posted regularly for a while (or at all). Sadly, this is very unlikely to change. Ahem.

To give you a taste of life as a music student (since people always ask me what music students do):
I have 4 lectures a week, performance practice, a private lesson, orchestra rehearsal, choir rehearsal and an occasional double reed workshop (+ law lectures). All four lectures are rather boring, especially aural studies. Btw my homework for that consists of training my ears using this chord trainer. Try it! It is unexpectedly difficult, well I thought so anyway.

Last week at performance practice, I had a revelation. This revelation was connected to my longtime indifference towards cellos and preference for violins. Anyway, two piano trios were performing and the violinists and pianists were average, but in both the cellists unexpectedly stood out. And as I was listening, I suddenly thought...

Something about the mellow, throbbing melancholy of the tone captures the soul of the music and conveys its emotion. Violins are also amazing obviously but I feel that cellos resonate more with people's hearts, instead of being soaring and otherworldly.

I also like lower brass more than I ever thought I would. Interestingly enough it really fills out the sound of large ensembles.

HMMM as you can see I spend alot of my time doing music-related things now/watching anime. Law is also fun, though I ...still have not done my court report OHHH DEAR. : (   

Here's to another update in 1 month (hopefully less!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

What is going on inside my head.

At the end of Japanese class today, Inaba-sensei asked if someone could help her carry her stuff up to the fourth floor. Instantly, Stooph raised her voice and said "Daniel wants to!" (or something along the lines of that).

Anyway, Inaba asked in Japanese while we (1) were in the lift whether I had studied Japanese before. I said I had not...because I had not. Then (for whatever reason) she said my Japanese was good (referring to spoken 日本, since she had not seen our tests yet).

Inaba then asked student O the same thing, to which O replied "I haven't before but i've watch j-dramas, listen to j-pop (i think) and also enrolled in a jap school recently". I also noted that Inaba never said O's Japanese was good, for whatever reason (again, referring to spoken japanese).

At this point I realized that I could have said 'I watch a whole lot of anime' as a better response, since it would seem odd that I could speak well without ever hearing a word of Japanese. If she complimented me first, then asked if I had studied Japanese I would probably have said I watched anime.

While I was thinking about this, Inaba and O were having a good conversation about a certain j-pop singer (2), so I couldn't butt in and say what was slightly annoying to me.

I even thought about it later, to the point where I was deciding whether I should email her to tell her, then realized it would be stupid as most likely she wouldn't even remember about the fact in the first place.

I also ran the situation in my mind that I had actually said "I haven't , but I watched a lot of anime" and realized that I may have spoken with her about anime and not allowed O to speak about j-pop with the teacher.

Finally I settled on the fact that, if she was really thinking how weird it was that I could speak Japanese OK (3), then she would have asked specifically if i had gone to japan/listen to japanese music/watch Japanese media.

Anyway, the point of this banter is to have insight about the types of thoughts I have, and what i 'worry' about. And this is what I thought about today. さよなら!

1)(me and another student, 'O')
2)(again, i thought it was j-pop, i was too busy worrying about what had just occured)
3)(i'm pretty sure it's one of those social compliments, not a real one)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unexpected Voices

Sanada, Asami - plays all of these characters:

Kanako Miyamae from Maria Holic

Matoi Tsunetsuki from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Jun Sakurada from Rozen Maiden!

This is Sawashiro, Miyuki. She is:

Shinku "Reiner Rubin" from Rozen Maiden
Tarou "Maria, Mataro" Sekiutsu from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

The Dorm Leader from Maria Holic

Suruga Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari

Friday, February 19, 2010


While the internet has been a great friend of mine the past ....10 years, it has let me down today.

I was reading a user's blog on myanimelist and the post was entitled 'Ten Worst Anime of 2009'. I was reading the 4-panel comics which the user had drawn in paint. THEN SUDDENLY A WILD SPOILER APPEARED.

What I was really upset about was that the spoiler was entirely unrelated to the ten anime which were on there - specifically it was for the Higurashi series - which i had watched the entire first season of. This gave me no chance of saving myself from the spoilage.

If you don't know, Higurashi is quite heavily plot i was upset :(. If only I could drug myself to make me forget this event....or i can come back in 5 years time when I have forgotten this event ever happened.
This is the second time I have had an anime spoiled for me, fortunately the first time it was just the ending to endless eight....although I couldn't properly experience the shock value of the finale.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Commentary Challenge #1

Here's my take on Wensi's excellent poem. WARNING: there may be spoilers for Avatar

Wensi Cai, one of the foremost poets of the "2010" generation, has created in her poem "ICU (for now)" a striking picture of the world as presented in the recent film, "Avatar". Through dramatic use of imagery and metaphor, Cai encapsulates the sweeping, gorgeous landscape of Pandora as well as providing a darker view of the Na'vi's way of life. The first reference to "Avatar" can be seen in the use of the letters, "ICU", to form the title of the poem. These letters represent both sides of the conflict over Pandora; for while Jake Sully and the Earthlings initially appear to consider only that "I C Unobtainium", Jake gradually grows to understand the Na'vi's consideration of nature and harmony, and as such, his changing view is represented in the Na'vi greeting, "I see you (insert hand signal)". That "ICU" also stands for the Earth term, "Intensive Care Unit", foreshadows the demise of Jake's human self, as well as the many deaths that occur throughout "Avatar". Similarly, the use of the bracketed aside "for now" creates a sense of doom, as seen in the sense of time running out for the Na'vi and Pandora. It can thus be seen that through the innovative use of the acronymn "ICU", reminiscent of internet slang such as "brb" and "lol", Cai has provided an immediate link for all of the "2010" generation to relate to, while creating a haunting, moving picture of the "Avatar" world.

Cai's affinity for alliteration and regularity in both rhythm and rhyme is demonstrated in the use of the alliterative "twirling and twisting...flowing then falling...sliced smooth", as well as the alternative line-rhyming. These techniques contribute to a sing-song, nursery-rhyme quality, contrasting with the


Shamefully I did not finish this commentary. However as the deadline has passed, I thought I would post up what I had done. Hopefully you may enjoy reading it.

I made a souffle with the help of Sam.

Sadly it doesn't look that good and is kind of deflated. It was exciting when it was puffy. It tasted fairly good, although I'm not sure what a souffle is supposed to taste like.


Words to say less (in order to make vocabulary less repetitive and irritating): upsetting, distressing, oh dear, oh no, shocking, why, exciting, stressful, excellent, gosh.

Monday, February 01, 2010

MSN oddities

Sorry to push your posts down ying...

Wongsta says:
probably looking for sho
no not harem
nen romance though, not...drama romance
Clare says:
aww is wong into romantic anime thats cute
Wongsta says:
Clare says:
Wongsta says:
i mean
for shonen
Clare says:

Wongsta says:
i found a realistic sci-fi! 'planetes'
it's actually good
John Buin says:
yeah, I'm watching it now
Wongsta says:
oh what
i don't feel special anymore
John Buin says:
how far are you into it?
Wongsta says:
Wongsta says:
i watched 15->26 last night
because i'm crazy

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google Search

Sorry that i have not completed reviewing your blogs....i guess nobody has asked me to review their blog anyway :S.

Here is some entertainment. Each line represents a different site which can be found with that google search (they arent all 'i'm feeling lucky', they may be second or third results).

Things to google search:

  • manifest 08 sunday nakeyboy (i forgot how to find the other guy who took my photo)
  • wongsta doesnt exist
  • wongsta manifest / wongsta fight
  • "wongsta" by itself will give you a listing of most of my content
  • "code geass masturbate" will link to Danny Con's blog
  • i hate you jitain and stamopoulos
  • retarded poem. therefore / wow it's sparkly
  • farn hungy/ hungy stooph / stooph farn / courtesy of the cousins
  • giraffe house changing room
  • harry lee strikes again
  • the harry lee game / sneaky harry lee

BTW if anyone can find the site weldon made for me please tell me...


I was going to do a post about how people should be careful about the way they dress - or rather how i've almost been reconsidering some of my clothing choices due to not wanting to be "propositioned" (as wensi put it when i informed her that i wished to purchase a pair of thigh high boots) - but then Wong posted his blog review thing and I was like, damn I don't want to post and then not have anyone scroll down and read his post, and then I just got lazy and didn't post.

I have, however, been inspired to post again, this time with some pictures of the exciting food I made last night:

This was supposed to be flower-topped hamburger (you know, like in Rozen Maiden) but we only had a star-shaped mould that Matt bought from Singapore, as well as a bird-shaped one. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the bird-shaped egg as it turned out badly/i forgot. Apologies.

The recipe I used for the hamburger was from Happy Home Baking, one of my favourite food blogs! Not that I, you know, spend a lot of time reading food blogs. Mostly just this one, which I think I got from a link on Viv's blog. Thanks viv. Also, the photos are from my phone, which excites me for some reason. ...yes.

I think I have to improve my food photography in future.

In other news, I have been doing many exciting things, such as watching 30 Rock. Recently, wong bought me a 30 rock calendar for Christmas!!!! YAY. Thank you won-won. I have hung it up on my wardrobe door, which means that I look upon Jack Donaghy's January face...fairly often. Other things I have been doing include: downloading Demi Lovato's album, watching anime, and feeling sad that wensi is going to china. Also, I have, sadly, quashed my urge to purchase the aforementioned thigh high boots...for now. Although I highly doubt anyone would mistake me for a prostitute/stripper. HM no i do not want to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog Review

A review of blogs in our group of friends. This is not an ordered list (it's 'ul' lol).

If you wish to be added to the list or if there is anything you would like to add to my review email me.

I will keep each review these short, and not in depth since I haven't read most of these blogs in great detail.Here goes:

UPDATED 21/1/10

Quotes, courtesy of the cousins of the century. - hungy, farn, (stooph seems to be removed from the site? she moved here)

SUBTEXT:For more lolz and fibre in your cakes. In memory of cousin Stooph, may she RIP. Dedicated to farn who's our other cousin

Another one of my favorites (SUBJECTIVE),

Fibrefood - Stephanie O
At the moment, there are only two posts, one about vce results coming out and one insanely long post detailing her comical moments with Omegle. So just have a look. For now.

Code Eva - Vincent C
Well. This site emanates the properties of it's author, self titled 'Vincent of the Revolution' (link lelouch).

His posts are varied - reviews,'slice of life' blogposts (such as his current maths camp stories/details), comments on school.... He also seems to have a 'current music' update at the top of each post, if you're into that sort of thing.

-Junc- Vincent L

First off...the writing style is quite interesting. Each paragraph is usualy populated with capital letters and emoticons of some sort (^^). Many slice of life posts, and things which Vincent finds interesting. Front page contains only lighthearted posts, so i assume the rest of the blog is like that, too.

camels indeed - Kristen W

Well. This site is differnt. It is completely text/plot(UNLIKE AVATAR) driven, and self contained - ie does not rely on large pictures,or links to other content. Most posts are slice of life.

Writingstyle: very conversational, use of ellipses ("..." that type of ellipses).

I said i wouldn't comment on the appearance but I do like the choice of colours. It is pleasing to the eye, and quite different from other blogs.

.::Emily's Blog::. - Emily G S

Another 'plot' driven website, for the mostpart, which relies on user created content. Personal posts are in abundance.
quote from site:
my blog is a collection of memories, events and thoughts worth keeping, willingly shared with the rest of the world. Mai Blogs - it seems i do not know this person, perhaps ying would like to review this site Another group site some of you may know about but i certainly don't. I don't know who runs the site either so i'm not reviewing it.

~*~WOW~*~ so sparkly!
- Wensi C


In other news. This site is again plot driven, containing wensi created content. A unique point of this website (at least recently) is the posting of poems/short stories composed by wensi (i think they are, anyway.) Other posts are of daily life.

Stuff - It's a Noun
- Harry L
This is only the blog section of the review, Harry's site extends beyond blogging....
Harry lee's blog contains some very interesting content (no offense to anyone else), such as social experiments, self created picture books, advant garde poems, and generally posts you won't find elsewhere. Here is an extract of a definitely NOT slice of life post.

I’ve always wanted to go to a classy restaurant with a cake in a little box, and just sit there. Select a nice wine, perhaps. And just sit there. Whenever the door opens, I’ll look up with a hopeful glance, but it won’t be her.

And when somebody tells me, “It’s closing time, you’ll have to leave,” I’ll insist, “No, no, she’ll come. She said she would come. She will be here.” Then the manager will come out and I’ll get more and more flustered, then burst into tears. I’ll meekly say, “Can I at least light the candles?” And I’ll light the candles and sing, through big fat tears, “Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday… to me…”

I’ll blow out the candles, and run out the door.

Sorry for my lack of professionalism :(.

It's raining jellybeans ^_^ - Vivian C
In our friend group, this is one of the longest running blogs - the earliest post was in 2005!. Not only that, but this blog is regularly updated. The content is usually slice of life blog posts (with accompanying photos).

Keg's Blog - Home of Fizixs Trio
Fizixs Trio is a webcomic (up to comic 11 atm) which is hosted on keg's blog. That alone makes the site worth checking out (anyone else running a webcomic?).

Besides the webcomic, the site consists of external links to things comical in nature. Good for alleviating boredom.

the bale-fire of that scarlet letter Fiona
Another 'new' blog with the first blog post on January 1st. Hard to tell at the moment what the blog will be like, but it contains many pictures and

Keeam_Davdom_Brendom's Blog -This is Keeam, Davdom and Brendom's BLOG!!! The one place you can escape from everything... Imagination Land :) Where u fart when you burp and you burp when you fart XD

ah shit i'm so tired i'l review the rest of the blogs later. BOOKMARK THIS AND COME BACK LATEDR U GUYS

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Same Seiyuu, Different Role

Caution: this link is NSFW(not safe for work). I mean really NSFW - NSFW advertisements, NSFW post previews. If you are easily scarred, do not click any of the links on the page. After scrolling down a little, only the content will remain, however, which is completely SFW.

This is basically a list of voice actors and what roles they play in anime. The author has carefully picked the interesting ones (in the second comparison) so that you will be surprised (ie plays unsuspected roles).

I apologise for this post's incoherence, it is fairly late (2:15) and my eyes hurt.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh dear


Apologies to ***** LOL although i attempted to conceal your name and hence save you (and myself) from embarrassment, it appears that I have failed in this attempt. Now my true stalkerish nature has emerged.

Over the years I have become adept at stalking randoms. My friendship with Vincent, as well as the rise of Facebook, have aided me in this. I would go into this more but it is too embarrassing and actually not very interesting when i think about it.

Sadly, few of my stalkings have actually ended in true friendships. I have realised that this is because the relationship is onesided - my feelings of stalkerish affection for them far exceed their feelings of victimish fear!

In fact, if i think about it, I have not even been able to become friends with one stalkee as despite our apparent friendliness i still felt overly awed by him/her/it.

Thus, we may conclude that stalking is a potential threat to a potential friendship. (I use this term as a term for stalking ones who one is not really friends with but of course one can also stalk one's friends, which could result in issues also as one might find out things that could become potential sources of conflict)

... sadly i have not decided to stop stalking people. ANYWAY

I really like the avatar soundtrack! I like the song they play at the end of it. Even though it had boring/cliche plot/characters, I still liked the movie alot. I think this is due to its suck-in quality. I believe that this suck-in quality accounts for much of the movie's popularity, and may be more or less for different people depending on how much they value visuals/happy endings/cool scifi places. Wong did not experience the suck-in quality to a great enough extent to justify (for him) the movie's negative qualities. Hence, Wong did not like Avatar. 

wow this post sucks

SUMMARY (for lazy people):
1. Stalking is pointless and may chase away your friends (but oh well)
2. sorry ***** 
3. I like Avatar

Monday, January 11, 2010


Many things have managed to "peeve" me off lately, including my own stupidity. My social retardation is also irritating me as I am unable to make friends with *****. OH NO. This is very disappointing for me as I find her extremely cool. Anyway...yes I shall continue to the end of the post before I decide whether or not I should erase/censor that. (sorry *****)

I would like to now share with you an interesting letter written by Nadia in Grade 4 (or 5). I believe this letter was written to either me or Viv, but cannot recall who was who.

"Dear Harry Pottyeryeryss,
I am a boy. I am am girl. I am a piece of noodle. I am clever. I am stupid. Who am I? I am a dragon! I am air. I am Fire. I am a piece of toast. I do not even know who I am! I am a drum. I am the STUPID Drum! I am a MYSTERY!!! Bye! Hi! Ha! Hum! Bye! See! Bun! Dun! Cut you open! Pencilcase! Noodles! Moon! Sun! Jewel! Slug! Cup! Pie! Dish! Bye! King! Queen! Princess! Prince! Plate! Bowl! Meowww! POW! WOW! BOW! CRUSH! CRASH! Ping! Pang! Pung! BOOM!
by From Peeves!"

Not sure what Nadia/Peeves was thinking at the time but she did seem very confused.

Monday, January 04, 2010



I feel rather relieved.

Although my life now seems slightly empty, i shall fill it with useful things such as:
- watching avatar/sherlockholmes/anime/30rock
- getting the remaining 40 hours of driving before feb 22nd (wth i feel panicked)
- trying to earn money...somehow
- regaining my oboe skills
- eating

Btw is anyone going to tutor?? I am actually thinking of tutoring chem...can't really think of anything else I can tutor. I am definitely not well qualified enough to tutor latin unless they really suck in which case i don't think there's much point (oh gosh that was rather harsh) i'll stop talking now.

hope everyone is happy with their results, or at least, not devastated - hopefully we'll all forget about them soon...

EDIT: ok now i've changed the post date to the actual date so it doesn't look like i somehow got my results before everyone else