Friday, August 21, 2009

the break up

you may have noticed that this blog is disgustingly inactive.

and why is this? you might ask.

as much as it pains me to make this announcement.. there has been a falling out, between myself and the other members of this blog. ah...when i say members i guess i really mean one member in particular, as in the only active one. if you can really call us active.

anyway. i just thought i would let everyone know.


okay sorry that was a joke. ahem. yes it was a rather bad joke, i am sorry.

wish me luck for my concerto tonight : (


hungy said...

I am confused wong. Is the future of this blog in question?

And yes good luck for your concerto tonight :)

Wongsta said... says posted by frothy at the bottom, so unless you think yi-ling and me are the same being (the same way rama does)...

LOL at the google ads on the side:

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FROGGY said...

er what on earth?

well done last night though, ying !

☆wensi said...

bad jokes! caught it off me LOL

ahem. this is ridiculous. what would happen if wongyiling broke up!! no. I shan't believe it. actually, I didn't believe it even for a second. I actually thought there was another contributor and was trying to work out who it was O:

hungy said...

oh it does too, but the label said wongsta so i thought...oh damn.

And i don't see no google ads..where are they?

And yes you are essentially the same person. You don't mean to tell me that i'm mistaken do you?