Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sport, again

We had house sport yesterday and somehow i ended up playing soccer. This was actually quite fun surprisingly enough, despite my lack of skills. Sadly my house captain seemed to be unable to understand that i actually lacked these skills.

HC: "Linh, run! Run and kick the ball! Go, Linh, go! *squeal*"

...as you can see, she also seemed to keep forgetting my name.

Later I attempted to kick the ball as it was coming towards me. Sadly my foot went over the ball and hit..the air. This was unfortunate, but not unexpected.

HC: "Linh, I saw that! you were deliberately trying not to kick the ball!!!"

I have never been accused of this before in such a serious tone.

Katherine confessed to me today. She told me that she would "turn homo" for me. Well, now we know the reason behind all of her boob-punching. Hah! I believe that her verbal attacks on my "boobies" are in fact, fuelled by her intense desire for me.

I think i like this word too much...intense. : (

Saturday, June 20, 2009

'Funny Photo'

'Funny Photo' round up. I 'stole' three of the pictures from here: http://akibanana.com/?q=node/1675. They shouldn't mind since I linked to their website anyway..
From funnies
Here is one I found in my physics text book. I don't think this guy should be diving off the board in his current condition...
From funnies
I stole these from OCAU, pretty self explanatory (image is too big, click to see):

From funnies
From funniesThese are the ones I found on the website I just mentioned.
From funnies

From funnies
Fromt that Katamari game...youtube it if you don't know about it.

From funnies

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get the kid ready

um. this is pretty polarising stuff but if you do like it it will entertain you, if you don't it wont. There is another one of these for a guy getting ready for work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qin4UptOEsI

Source of all this randomness (except for the horse head video)

Monday, June 15, 2009


The 'proper' version of the last video with a comparison.

ゾンビーズ ハレ晴レユカイ全壊バージョン

this group is known as the 'zombie dancers?'

Maths Pun/Fun - it's PUNTASTIC

Take up my challenge. Can you make a more cheesy 'maths pun' than this?

define x=my love,

F( x)=sqrt( |x|), x ɛ (-∞>x>∞)

(The root of the absolute value of my love has no bounds.)

Yes, thats right: I realize this is crap.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I met a man in the dark?

Seems like some of you enjoy my 'song', so here is the backing for it (sequence: A/B/A/B not sure if they're bridges or choruses).

Lyrics (who knows what i was smoking when i made these):

met a man
in the dark
I was glad that he was
My mistake
He was actually a (snake)

We are
the ones in
the dark

Feel free to email me the mixed version and i'll put it up here!

Alternate lyrics/second verse:
he was cool
kicked my ass i
tried to escape
through the glass
my mistake
it was actually a CAKEEEEEE

We are
the ones in
the dark

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

rehearsals are fun

Wind symphony: an ensemble that rehearses at 7:30am on Wednesdays

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning my oboe with a cloth. that is pulled through the oboe. As the oboe becomes thinner nearer to the top, problems may occur when a knot or some unforeseen increase in thickness of the cloth draws closer to this area. To my distress, a knot had in fact knotted itself (OR BEEN KNOTTED?) in my oboe cloth! This resulted in several attempts to remove it using:
- a small screwdriver
- the red toolbox that is in Mr Squibb's office
- a sparkler (which was in the music staff room - i wonder what they do to celebrate on birthdays)

All these attempts proved fruitless. My oboe was then sent to a specialised oboe-maker/repairer who removed the tattered cloth using a "special tool".

...yes, anyway. I am not sure what the purpose of that story was. It was upsetting at the time. Especially since it was impossible to play it with a cloth sticking out of the place where the reed should go. Also, it could have gotten scratched by the sparkler! What then? Would my oboe no longer sound like an oboe and instead like a clarinet? :( :( :(

Another event occurred in windsymph this morning where i looked in my reed case and discovered several black-green fronds of mould sprouting furrily from my reeds. 

it was EXTREMELY HORRIFYING imagine, my currently played on reed had been in such a mouldy environment as this, with the furry fronds possibly touching it! I had stuck in my mouth a possibly diseased and FURRY item of reed! 

I felt extremely disturbed.

That is why (after discarding the mouldy reeds) I have decided never to put away reeds while wet. They must always be allowed to dry. This is true for bassoonists as well, and probably clarinetists. And saxophonists. And reed instrument players.