Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google Search

Sorry that i have not completed reviewing your blogs....i guess nobody has asked me to review their blog anyway :S.

Here is some entertainment. Each line represents a different site which can be found with that google search (they arent all 'i'm feeling lucky', they may be second or third results).

Things to google search:

  • manifest 08 sunday nakeyboy (i forgot how to find the other guy who took my photo)
  • wongsta doesnt exist
  • wongsta manifest / wongsta fight
  • "wongsta" by itself will give you a listing of most of my content
  • "code geass masturbate" will link to Danny Con's blog
  • i hate you jitain and stamopoulos
  • retarded poem. therefore / wow it's sparkly
  • farn hungy/ hungy stooph / stooph farn / courtesy of the cousins
  • giraffe house changing room
  • harry lee strikes again
  • the harry lee game / sneaky harry lee

BTW if anyone can find the site weldon made for me please tell me...


I was going to do a post about how people should be careful about the way they dress - or rather how i've almost been reconsidering some of my clothing choices due to not wanting to be "propositioned" (as wensi put it when i informed her that i wished to purchase a pair of thigh high boots) - but then Wong posted his blog review thing and I was like, damn I don't want to post and then not have anyone scroll down and read his post, and then I just got lazy and didn't post.

I have, however, been inspired to post again, this time with some pictures of the exciting food I made last night:

This was supposed to be flower-topped hamburger (you know, like in Rozen Maiden) but we only had a star-shaped mould that Matt bought from Singapore, as well as a bird-shaped one. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the bird-shaped egg as it turned out badly/i forgot. Apologies.

The recipe I used for the hamburger was from Happy Home Baking, one of my favourite food blogs! Not that I, you know, spend a lot of time reading food blogs. Mostly just this one, which I think I got from a link on Viv's blog. Thanks viv. Also, the photos are from my phone, which excites me for some reason. ...yes.

I think I have to improve my food photography in future.

In other news, I have been doing many exciting things, such as watching 30 Rock. Recently, wong bought me a 30 rock calendar for Christmas!!!! YAY. Thank you won-won. I have hung it up on my wardrobe door, which means that I look upon Jack Donaghy's January face...fairly often. Other things I have been doing include: downloading Demi Lovato's album, watching anime, and feeling sad that wensi is going to china. Also, I have, sadly, quashed my urge to purchase the aforementioned thigh high boots...for now. Although I highly doubt anyone would mistake me for a prostitute/stripper. HM no i do not want to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog Review

A review of blogs in our group of friends. This is not an ordered list (it's 'ul' lol).

If you wish to be added to the list or if there is anything you would like to add to my review email me.

I will keep each review these short, and not in depth since I haven't read most of these blogs in great detail.Here goes:

UPDATED 21/1/10

Quotes, courtesy of the cousins of the century. - hungy, farn, (stooph seems to be removed from the site? she moved here)

SUBTEXT:For more lolz and fibre in your cakes. In memory of cousin Stooph, may she RIP. Dedicated to farn who's our other cousin

Another one of my favorites (SUBJECTIVE),

Fibrefood - Stephanie O
At the moment, there are only two posts, one about vce results coming out and one insanely long post detailing her comical moments with Omegle. So just have a look. For now.

Code Eva - Vincent C
Well. This site emanates the properties of it's author, self titled 'Vincent of the Revolution' (link lelouch).

His posts are varied - reviews,'slice of life' blogposts (such as his current maths camp stories/details), comments on school.... He also seems to have a 'current music' update at the top of each post, if you're into that sort of thing.

-Junc- Vincent L

First off...the writing style is quite interesting. Each paragraph is usualy populated with capital letters and emoticons of some sort (^^). Many slice of life posts, and things which Vincent finds interesting. Front page contains only lighthearted posts, so i assume the rest of the blog is like that, too.

camels indeed - Kristen W

Well. This site is differnt. It is completely text/plot(UNLIKE AVATAR) driven, and self contained - ie does not rely on large pictures,or links to other content. Most posts are slice of life.

Writingstyle: very conversational, use of ellipses ("..." that type of ellipses).

I said i wouldn't comment on the appearance but I do like the choice of colours. It is pleasing to the eye, and quite different from other blogs.

.::Emily's Blog::. - Emily G S

Another 'plot' driven website, for the mostpart, which relies on user created content. Personal posts are in abundance.
quote from site:
my blog is a collection of memories, events and thoughts worth keeping, willingly shared with the rest of the world. Mai Blogs - it seems i do not know this person, perhaps ying would like to review this site Another group site some of you may know about but i certainly don't. I don't know who runs the site either so i'm not reviewing it.

~*~WOW~*~ so sparkly!
- Wensi C


In other news. This site is again plot driven, containing wensi created content. A unique point of this website (at least recently) is the posting of poems/short stories composed by wensi (i think they are, anyway.) Other posts are of daily life.

Stuff - It's a Noun
- Harry L
This is only the blog section of the review, Harry's site extends beyond blogging....
Harry lee's blog contains some very interesting content (no offense to anyone else), such as social experiments, self created picture books, advant garde poems, and generally posts you won't find elsewhere. Here is an extract of a definitely NOT slice of life post.

I’ve always wanted to go to a classy restaurant with a cake in a little box, and just sit there. Select a nice wine, perhaps. And just sit there. Whenever the door opens, I’ll look up with a hopeful glance, but it won’t be her.

And when somebody tells me, “It’s closing time, you’ll have to leave,” I’ll insist, “No, no, she’ll come. She said she would come. She will be here.” Then the manager will come out and I’ll get more and more flustered, then burst into tears. I’ll meekly say, “Can I at least light the candles?” And I’ll light the candles and sing, through big fat tears, “Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday… to me…”

I’ll blow out the candles, and run out the door.

Sorry for my lack of professionalism :(.

It's raining jellybeans ^_^ - Vivian C
In our friend group, this is one of the longest running blogs - the earliest post was in 2005!. Not only that, but this blog is regularly updated. The content is usually slice of life blog posts (with accompanying photos).

Keg's Blog - Home of Fizixs Trio
Fizixs Trio is a webcomic (up to comic 11 atm) which is hosted on keg's blog. That alone makes the site worth checking out (anyone else running a webcomic?).

Besides the webcomic, the site consists of external links to things comical in nature. Good for alleviating boredom.

the bale-fire of that scarlet letter Fiona
Another 'new' blog with the first blog post on January 1st. Hard to tell at the moment what the blog will be like, but it contains many pictures and

Keeam_Davdom_Brendom's Blog -This is Keeam, Davdom and Brendom's BLOG!!! The one place you can escape from everything... Imagination Land :) Where u fart when you burp and you burp when you fart XD

ah shit i'm so tired i'l review the rest of the blogs later. BOOKMARK THIS AND COME BACK LATEDR U GUYS

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Same Seiyuu, Different Role

Caution: this link is NSFW(not safe for work). I mean really NSFW - NSFW advertisements, NSFW post previews. If you are easily scarred, do not click any of the links on the page. After scrolling down a little, only the content will remain, however, which is completely SFW.

This is basically a list of voice actors and what roles they play in anime. The author has carefully picked the interesting ones (in the second comparison) so that you will be surprised (ie plays unsuspected roles).

I apologise for this post's incoherence, it is fairly late (2:15) and my eyes hurt.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh dear


Apologies to ***** LOL although i attempted to conceal your name and hence save you (and myself) from embarrassment, it appears that I have failed in this attempt. Now my true stalkerish nature has emerged.

Over the years I have become adept at stalking randoms. My friendship with Vincent, as well as the rise of Facebook, have aided me in this. I would go into this more but it is too embarrassing and actually not very interesting when i think about it.

Sadly, few of my stalkings have actually ended in true friendships. I have realised that this is because the relationship is onesided - my feelings of stalkerish affection for them far exceed their feelings of victimish fear!

In fact, if i think about it, I have not even been able to become friends with one stalkee as despite our apparent friendliness i still felt overly awed by him/her/it.

Thus, we may conclude that stalking is a potential threat to a potential friendship. (I use this term as a term for stalking ones who one is not really friends with but of course one can also stalk one's friends, which could result in issues also as one might find out things that could become potential sources of conflict)

... sadly i have not decided to stop stalking people. ANYWAY

I really like the avatar soundtrack! I like the song they play at the end of it. Even though it had boring/cliche plot/characters, I still liked the movie alot. I think this is due to its suck-in quality. I believe that this suck-in quality accounts for much of the movie's popularity, and may be more or less for different people depending on how much they value visuals/happy endings/cool scifi places. Wong did not experience the suck-in quality to a great enough extent to justify (for him) the movie's negative qualities. Hence, Wong did not like Avatar. 

wow this post sucks

SUMMARY (for lazy people):
1. Stalking is pointless and may chase away your friends (but oh well)
2. sorry ***** 
3. I like Avatar

Monday, January 11, 2010


Many things have managed to "peeve" me off lately, including my own stupidity. My social retardation is also irritating me as I am unable to make friends with *****. OH NO. This is very disappointing for me as I find her extremely cool. Anyway...yes I shall continue to the end of the post before I decide whether or not I should erase/censor that. (sorry *****)

I would like to now share with you an interesting letter written by Nadia in Grade 4 (or 5). I believe this letter was written to either me or Viv, but cannot recall who was who.

"Dear Harry Pottyeryeryss,
I am a boy. I am am girl. I am a piece of noodle. I am clever. I am stupid. Who am I? I am a dragon! I am air. I am Fire. I am a piece of toast. I do not even know who I am! I am a drum. I am the STUPID Drum! I am a MYSTERY!!! Bye! Hi! Ha! Hum! Bye! See! Bun! Dun! Cut you open! Pencilcase! Noodles! Moon! Sun! Jewel! Slug! Cup! Pie! Dish! Bye! King! Queen! Princess! Prince! Plate! Bowl! Meowww! POW! WOW! BOW! CRUSH! CRASH! Ping! Pang! Pung! BOOM!
by From Peeves!"

Not sure what Nadia/Peeves was thinking at the time but she did seem very confused.

Monday, January 04, 2010



I feel rather relieved.

Although my life now seems slightly empty, i shall fill it with useful things such as:
- watching avatar/sherlockholmes/anime/30rock
- getting the remaining 40 hours of driving before feb 22nd (wth i feel panicked)
- trying to earn money...somehow
- regaining my oboe skills
- eating

Btw is anyone going to tutor?? I am actually thinking of tutoring chem...can't really think of anything else I can tutor. I am definitely not well qualified enough to tutor latin unless they really suck in which case i don't think there's much point (oh gosh that was rather harsh) i'll stop talking now.

hope everyone is happy with their results, or at least, not devastated - hopefully we'll all forget about them soon...

EDIT: ok now i've changed the post date to the actual date so it doesn't look like i somehow got my results before everyone else