Saturday, September 12, 2009


So...I was opening up my Lexicon Omega audio recording thing because....well it kept on dying and i don't think i can return it anymore (i'm voiding the warranty by opening it, but you can't tell that i opened it.)

I turned it upside down, and unscrewed some of the bottom plate's screws. I then heard a clunk, of something heavy falling down. Once I fully opened the case i found out what it was.

Click for full size photo.

They were metal plates. I thought removed the plates which had aided in cooling the mosfets, or something. BUT THEY WEREN'T FOR THAT. Additionally, the bottom metal plate which came off (in black) also served no purpose. Well, it did serve one purpose. To make the product seem more expensive. (actually it could be to give it a lower centre of mass so it doesn't fall over...but couldn't they have made it horizontally?

I mean, who wants to buy a product which feels as if it's about to break? Consumers associate weight with a quality product, so that is what they get. It also servers to differentiate this top level product from the bottom level (this is the best of 3 lexicon audio interfaces).

I was thinking of getting a zoom H6n or whatever it's called...the new one. I have another zoom product which works fine, a guitar pedal. I have not opened that, but i'm sure it's weight is due to precise engineering, not clever marketing.

If lexicon has another reason for these plates, they should tell me, as i will immediately take down this blog.

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