Saturday, July 11, 2009

enter scores

Ok, i'm not going to say i hate my family, i'm just going to say that I just had the following exchange with my brother:

me: Matt, what would your predicted enter score for me be?
him: i'd say...about 92.
me: okay. i will look up the conversion.
him: okay.
me: 92 is 34. which would mean that i would have to get less than 6 in most of my subjects.
him: yeah.
me: okay.

well. i think that i should be looking forward to the end of the year, when i get 92. well, matt, even if i don't get 99.90 like you, at least i will still be able to get in to music at melbourne...which is more than you ever tried to do.


kath said...

your brother's funny.

Vincentjr said...

ouch, someone just got burned~

yingrage is fun to watch

hungy said...

Don't worry Ying, I'm sure you'll get more than that. And besides Matt only got 99.9, which means you still have room to outdo him ^_^

Luindilwen said...

ying...don't count on our tok points...we seriously might fail in that respect

fi said...

i think you will get 45