Saturday, March 14, 2009

I saw something better than this but i didn't have my camera with me....

I was in the car driving on the freeway, looking up at the clouds. There were clearly two layers of clouds, one more dark and brooding layer, while a higher layer was on top, closer to heaven. The sun shone through the top layer, and as we drove under the darker (bottom) layer, the perspective gave the impression that the dark layer was blanketing us.

Dad didn't notice but I did. I thought to myself, 'I should take a picture to capture this'...but i couldn't. A lack of camera, you see.

There was a much more three dimensional quality to the clouds that time than I had ever seen before.... Unfortunately i could not make any metaphorical links with this because nothing has happened recently which could connect to this.... perhaps the way school is a barrier to reaching what you truly want, the skies above? I do not know. Yes , ying, i am stealing your well used 'do not use a contraction for empasis' ability.

Something else I enjoyed today was the tristam town is a youtube link to it. It is from the second Diablo game, although it has featured in both games. It was written by Matt Uelmen.

Also I enjoyed the song "Temple of Shadows" by Angra. Youtube it or something i cbf getting a link.

Why am I being so weird in my blog post today? I don't know....I thought I had a cold again this morning but now it seems much better. Another excuse could be the 6 SACs (School Assessed Coursework...s) next week. I don't even feel depressed.... more distressed, with an impending sense of doom....a driving force which helps me do some work.... some work.... : (. I would work much better without VCAA (victorian certificate of my ass) on my back.

That reminds me, I was doing this physics question today and i was extremely uspset that I didn't get it. It made me, as commonly said, 'ragequit'. I may ....not rage quit, but tiredquit now, as this post is far too long for anyone to read to the i mean i'm tired, i'm sure my writing is the purest form of bliss that humankind has ever witnessed.

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hungy said...

lmao i remember the tristam soundtrack actually. Gives creeps everytime.

Sacs are gay. Poor you people. we don't have sac rush till next term :\