Saturday, April 04, 2009

hunting holidays

I feel withdrawal from puzzles with the end of puzzle hunt : ( In the end we came 28th:

28. This Great Team Name Uses Exactly Fifty Characters - 67 points / 17 puzzles / 168 guesses.

Matt's team put on a rush of creative thinking at the end and came 11th! I must however state that there was one point on Thursday i think, when we were actually TWO PLACES ABOVE THEM. Matt even asked me for help. AHAHAHA. Sadly they outstripped us from there.

Anyway, I look forward to Puzzle Hunt next year, and hope i'm not too busy/uninterested to do it. Who knows, maybe there will be a PLC Yr 13 group! That would be rather exciting.

Since torturous term one has come to an end i have some exciting plans for the holidays! These are:
- watch The Mission!
- and Australia hopefully
- study : (
- get up to 4000 words in extended essay
- compose two pieces - WTH? yes, it seems that music HL's are expected to write two compositions, even though we are clearly not mozart. or bach. or anyone like that. perhaps i can write bad ones (actually there should be no perhaps here)
- rehearse with 45 for battle of the bands
- eat.

I enjoy IB


hungy said...

lol we got many points did we get?

Lurker #1 said...

LOL if you're composing pieces, why not compose one for 45?? IT WOULD BE AWESOME and you could kill two birds with one stone...

frothy said...

LOLL I FOUND YOU GUYS, fizix trio yeah? did you give up really early or something? wth vincent was in your team too - i did not know he was doing it!

who are you lurker : ( i did consider composing one for 45, i'm a bit worried about how it might sound though. maybe if i am extremely inspired