Saturday, January 30, 2010


I was going to do a post about how people should be careful about the way they dress - or rather how i've almost been reconsidering some of my clothing choices due to not wanting to be "propositioned" (as wensi put it when i informed her that i wished to purchase a pair of thigh high boots) - but then Wong posted his blog review thing and I was like, damn I don't want to post and then not have anyone scroll down and read his post, and then I just got lazy and didn't post.

I have, however, been inspired to post again, this time with some pictures of the exciting food I made last night:

This was supposed to be flower-topped hamburger (you know, like in Rozen Maiden) but we only had a star-shaped mould that Matt bought from Singapore, as well as a bird-shaped one. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of the bird-shaped egg as it turned out badly/i forgot. Apologies.

The recipe I used for the hamburger was from Happy Home Baking, one of my favourite food blogs! Not that I, you know, spend a lot of time reading food blogs. Mostly just this one, which I think I got from a link on Viv's blog. Thanks viv. Also, the photos are from my phone, which excites me for some reason. ...yes.

I think I have to improve my food photography in future.

In other news, I have been doing many exciting things, such as watching 30 Rock. Recently, wong bought me a 30 rock calendar for Christmas!!!! YAY. Thank you won-won. I have hung it up on my wardrobe door, which means that I look upon Jack Donaghy's January face...fairly often. Other things I have been doing include: downloading Demi Lovato's album, watching anime, and feeling sad that wensi is going to china. Also, I have, sadly, quashed my urge to purchase the aforementioned thigh high boots...for now. Although I highly doubt anyone would mistake me for a prostitute/stripper. HM no i do not want to hear your thoughts on this subject.


OJ said...

Don't buy thigh high boots.

Those are really nice pictures. What model phone do you have? I need to think about getting a new one...

OJ said...

Okay, A Current Affair says thig high boots are good. So.

Luindilwen said...

Ying you so should by thigh high boots!!! they would go with your skirts!!! + they are cool and would suit you...maybe a bit..catwoman-ish...second thought be careful you dont look ^^ but go ahead there is always an occasion.

yes i <3 happy home baking too...i used to read that...year 11 or something.

hungy said...

IMO, Thigh highs are hot. Never seen a prostitue/stripper wear them (not that i've ever seen a prostitue/.stripper...A female one anyway)

Lol that's also the only food blog i've ever bookmarked.

Wongsta said...

That might have been me!

frothy said...

i find it confusing/funny that people suddenly decided to comment even though i explicitly stated, "no i do not want to hear your thoughts on this subject".

then again, thank you for your input, everyone. i shall reconsider my decision against thigh-high boots, but tbh i am yet to see any in shoe stores...perhaps i am not looking hard enough!

f i o n a said...

ooh yes you'll have to go to a boutique store
try santini (flinders lane), i think they stock some =S
good luck!!