Monday, January 11, 2010


Many things have managed to "peeve" me off lately, including my own stupidity. My social retardation is also irritating me as I am unable to make friends with *****. OH NO. This is very disappointing for me as I find her extremely cool. Anyway...yes I shall continue to the end of the post before I decide whether or not I should erase/censor that. (sorry *****)

I would like to now share with you an interesting letter written by Nadia in Grade 4 (or 5). I believe this letter was written to either me or Viv, but cannot recall who was who.

"Dear Harry Pottyeryeryss,
I am a boy. I am am girl. I am a piece of noodle. I am clever. I am stupid. Who am I? I am a dragon! I am air. I am Fire. I am a piece of toast. I do not even know who I am! I am a drum. I am the STUPID Drum! I am a MYSTERY!!! Bye! Hi! Ha! Hum! Bye! See! Bun! Dun! Cut you open! Pencilcase! Noodles! Moon! Sun! Jewel! Slug! Cup! Pie! Dish! Bye! King! Queen! Princess! Prince! Plate! Bowl! Meowww! POW! WOW! BOW! CRUSH! CRASH! Ping! Pang! Pung! BOOM!
by From Peeves!"

Not sure what Nadia/Peeves was thinking at the time but she did seem very confused.

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FROGGY said...

you know...that sounds more like me than Nadia. I do believe we wrote this letter together while laughing maniacally...