Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello. I feel the need to blog about a very distressing event in my life. This event took place approximately 30 mins ago, over a very short space of time.

But wait. If I think about it, it probably went back further than the past few weeks.

"Gosh are you even able to see anything?" remarked one of my friends.
"I like the way it looks..." another told me.

"I feel stupid because one of my eyes is entirely hidden..." I thought.

And so, the fateful incident was set in motion. As I tooted away on my beloved rod (no sexual pun intended), I came to the conclusion that I would chop it off to a decent length, and expose my right eye to the light of the world once more.

and so, I rushed upstairs, eager to begin the process. I thought, "oh this won't take long!"

The first chop was rather satisfying. I peered at myself, thinking unwisely, "this is unsufficient i must cut more." And then... "oops!"

I was horrified by what i saw in the mirror:

WHAT IS THIS TRAVESTY OF FRINGES? Neither straight, nor even...too short to be attractive, yet indecisive in its length...and worse, it was two-toned due to my regrowth (visible even despite the slow-growingness of my hair)!

Additionally my (awful) eyebrows are now visible. WOE IS ME. (do you see my horrified expression)

Ahh. While there are those of you who feel I may be overreacting to this ("hair will grow back in a few weeks...don't worry yi-ling"), I do feel that my hair mishap is small compared to that of my brother, who in an attempt to cut his own hair has carved two lines into the side. He has informed me that he will tell people who ask him that "the hairdresser tripped". LOL


kath said...

oh ying dw. many a time i have felt the pains of being the victim of over-generous cutting...

need i remind you of a certain hairstyle i had in year eight...?

F; that is all. said...

it doesn't look too bad!

various self-cutting-fringe-styling i've had in the past:
____) <- one side longer than the other

____/\____ <- a little v shaped thing

/\/\/\/\/\/\ <- yeah, well, this was my mother's epic failness.

seriously, it doesn't look that bad!
could be much worse :)


FROGGY said...

hahaha well at least you didnt shave your eyebrow off before cutting your fringe LOL

f i o n a said...

ooooh yling you look really cuuuteee~~

OJ said...

What Would Jonhsan Do? Wear a beanie.

Luindilwen said...

why didnt you just ...go to a hairdresser...O.o *sigh*