Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog Review

A review of blogs in our group of friends. This is not an ordered list (it's 'ul' lol).

If you wish to be added to the list or if there is anything you would like to add to my review email me.

I will keep each review these short, and not in depth since I haven't read most of these blogs in great detail.Here goes:

UPDATED 21/1/10

Quotes, courtesy of the cousins of the century. - hungy, farn, (stooph seems to be removed from the site? she moved here)

SUBTEXT:For more lolz and fibre in your cakes. In memory of cousin Stooph, may she RIP. Dedicated to farn who's our other cousin

Another one of my favorites (SUBJECTIVE),

Fibrefood - Stephanie O
At the moment, there are only two posts, one about vce results coming out and one insanely long post detailing her comical moments with Omegle. So just have a look. For now.

Code Eva - Vincent C
Well. This site emanates the properties of it's author, self titled 'Vincent of the Revolution' (link lelouch).

His posts are varied - reviews,'slice of life' blogposts (such as his current maths camp stories/details), comments on school.... He also seems to have a 'current music' update at the top of each post, if you're into that sort of thing.

-Junc- Vincent L

First off...the writing style is quite interesting. Each paragraph is usualy populated with capital letters and emoticons of some sort (^^). Many slice of life posts, and things which Vincent finds interesting. Front page contains only lighthearted posts, so i assume the rest of the blog is like that, too.

camels indeed - Kristen W

Well. This site is differnt. It is completely text/plot(UNLIKE AVATAR) driven, and self contained - ie does not rely on large pictures,or links to other content. Most posts are slice of life.

Writingstyle: very conversational, use of ellipses ("..." that type of ellipses).

I said i wouldn't comment on the appearance but I do like the choice of colours. It is pleasing to the eye, and quite different from other blogs.

.::Emily's Blog::. - Emily G S

Another 'plot' driven website, for the mostpart, which relies on user created content. Personal posts are in abundance.
quote from site:
my blog is a collection of memories, events and thoughts worth keeping, willingly shared with the rest of the world. Mai Blogs - it seems i do not know this person, perhaps ying would like to review this site Another group site some of you may know about but i certainly don't. I don't know who runs the site either so i'm not reviewing it.

~*~WOW~*~ so sparkly!
- Wensi C


In other news. This site is again plot driven, containing wensi created content. A unique point of this website (at least recently) is the posting of poems/short stories composed by wensi (i think they are, anyway.) Other posts are of daily life.

Stuff - It's a Noun
- Harry L
This is only the blog section of the review, Harry's site extends beyond blogging....
Harry lee's blog contains some very interesting content (no offense to anyone else), such as social experiments, self created picture books, advant garde poems, and generally posts you won't find elsewhere. Here is an extract of a definitely NOT slice of life post.

I’ve always wanted to go to a classy restaurant with a cake in a little box, and just sit there. Select a nice wine, perhaps. And just sit there. Whenever the door opens, I’ll look up with a hopeful glance, but it won’t be her.

And when somebody tells me, “It’s closing time, you’ll have to leave,” I’ll insist, “No, no, she’ll come. She said she would come. She will be here.” Then the manager will come out and I’ll get more and more flustered, then burst into tears. I’ll meekly say, “Can I at least light the candles?” And I’ll light the candles and sing, through big fat tears, “Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday… to me…”

I’ll blow out the candles, and run out the door.

Sorry for my lack of professionalism :(.

It's raining jellybeans ^_^ - Vivian C
In our friend group, this is one of the longest running blogs - the earliest post was in 2005!. Not only that, but this blog is regularly updated. The content is usually slice of life blog posts (with accompanying photos).

Keg's Blog - Home of Fizixs Trio
Fizixs Trio is a webcomic (up to comic 11 atm) which is hosted on keg's blog. That alone makes the site worth checking out (anyone else running a webcomic?).

Besides the webcomic, the site consists of external links to things comical in nature. Good for alleviating boredom.

the bale-fire of that scarlet letter Fiona
Another 'new' blog with the first blog post on January 1st. Hard to tell at the moment what the blog will be like, but it contains many pictures and

Keeam_Davdom_Brendom's Blog -This is Keeam, Davdom and Brendom's BLOG!!! The one place you can escape from everything... Imagination Land :) Where u fart when you burp and you burp when you fart XD

ah shit i'm so tired i'l review the rest of the blogs later. BOOKMARK THIS AND COME BACK LATEDR U GUYS


Luindilwen said...

Wong this is a really good post!..and so necessary!!i might go look up some blogs now

Wongsta said...

Thankyou - however, the listing is incomplete. At the very least it will allow people to see whose blogs they have been missing out on.