Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google Search

Sorry that i have not completed reviewing your blogs....i guess nobody has asked me to review their blog anyway :S.

Here is some entertainment. Each line represents a different site which can be found with that google search (they arent all 'i'm feeling lucky', they may be second or third results).

Things to google search:

  • manifest 08 sunday nakeyboy (i forgot how to find the other guy who took my photo)
  • wongsta doesnt exist
  • wongsta manifest / wongsta fight
  • "wongsta" by itself will give you a listing of most of my content
  • "code geass masturbate" will link to Danny Con's blog
  • i hate you jitain and stamopoulos
  • retarded poem. therefore / wow it's sparkly
  • farn hungy/ hungy stooph / stooph farn / courtesy of the cousins
  • giraffe house changing room
  • harry lee strikes again
  • the harry lee game / sneaky harry lee

BTW if anyone can find the site weldon made for me please tell me...


hungy said...

thanks for the advertisement as always. I wish I wasn't so cbs as to be able to reciprocate.

hungy said...
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