Saturday, July 03, 2010

Man Journal, Part 1

First part of my man-journal. The guy whose name I forgot from Japanator coined the previously mentioned phrase 'man journal'.

02/07/10 - Friday
Toast for lunch, doritos as snack, pizza for dinner, 3 slices of pizza at about 1:30AM

Sleep Time:
Woke up at 12:00PM. Slept briefly while ben was here at about 4/5 ??? Slept from 4:00AM to 2:00PM the next day

Notable activities:
Ben came over, woke me up at 12. Left at 6:45. Immediately after disassembled laptop to fix broken headphone jacks. Fixed both headphone jacks without soldering anything, but accidentally made one of the jacks think something is plugged in all the time, hence speakers don't work.
My brother is having a sleepover at our house today with some friends.
TPG has not switched over my internet yet :(
Played Fate/Stay Night for a bit at some point. Happy that voices work in this version of it.

Anime watched:
4? episodes of Trigun, 1.5 episodes of Arakawa Under the Bridge, 4 episodes of Lucky Star.

Anime notes:
Trigun: Is awesome. I like the characters alot, and their voice actors
Lucky Star: <3 Konata.
Arakawa Under the Bridge: The voice actor for Maria (Sawashiro, Miyuki: Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari / Girls D.M lead singer from Angel Beats / Canaan from Canaan / Selty from DRRR / Shinku from Rozen Maiden) has a hot voice.

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hungy said...

Lol. Epic day, chronicled in the epic man journal.