Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh dear


Apologies to ***** LOL although i attempted to conceal your name and hence save you (and myself) from embarrassment, it appears that I have failed in this attempt. Now my true stalkerish nature has emerged.

Over the years I have become adept at stalking randoms. My friendship with Vincent, as well as the rise of Facebook, have aided me in this. I would go into this more but it is too embarrassing and actually not very interesting when i think about it.

Sadly, few of my stalkings have actually ended in true friendships. I have realised that this is because the relationship is onesided - my feelings of stalkerish affection for them far exceed their feelings of victimish fear!

In fact, if i think about it, I have not even been able to become friends with one stalkee as despite our apparent friendliness i still felt overly awed by him/her/it.

Thus, we may conclude that stalking is a potential threat to a potential friendship. (I use this term as a term for stalking ones who one is not really friends with but of course one can also stalk one's friends, which could result in issues also as one might find out things that could become potential sources of conflict)

... sadly i have not decided to stop stalking people. ANYWAY

I really like the avatar soundtrack! I like the song they play at the end of it. Even though it had boring/cliche plot/characters, I still liked the movie alot. I think this is due to its suck-in quality. I believe that this suck-in quality accounts for much of the movie's popularity, and may be more or less for different people depending on how much they value visuals/happy endings/cool scifi places. Wong did not experience the suck-in quality to a great enough extent to justify (for him) the movie's negative qualities. Hence, Wong did not like Avatar. 

wow this post sucks

SUMMARY (for lazy people):
1. Stalking is pointless and may chase away your friends (but oh well)
2. sorry ***** 
3. I like Avatar


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is ***** speaking. I knew it was me because I am the only person in the world that has 5 letters in their name, way to make it obvious. :p
Anyway, jokes aside. I thought we were already friends :D

Your friend and stalkee,

Anonymous said...


F; that is all. said...

" feelings of stalkerish affection.."
that was kinda creepy
but so deep and meaningful at the same time..