Monday, April 26, 2010

Anime Stats

A comparison of anime I and other people have watched. A side note to the actual content of this article is that it took me a long time to write. This was because:
    I wanted to use graphs. I remembered google had some cool thing for it. I didn't remeber I had to learn how to use their (easy to use) language.

    It was very late. Or rather is very late. It is 4:21. After some more editing it is 4:39.

    This doesn't really relate to the "this was because part", but the will to write this post came from my love of anime and making charts.

    You know how it gets late at night; you start with one dot point and can't stop!

    Yes, the dot points are invisible

Before anyone complains, these stats may not be accurate. Now you can't complain. Except yi-ling. You can complain, since I pushed your post and image of your hairy mishap down the page.

It appears that Howard has watched episodes which are shorter than Hungy, as Hungy manages to catch up on Howard a bit in terms of days watched.

Howard has watched many Detective Conan and Doraemon Movies...

Here are the raw stats. Note these are from MyAnimeList, and will only be accurate if the users update their list every time they watch something.

Anime Shared with me:
hungy:34 82.9
yi-ling:33 72.7
chewy:31 78.1
howard:11 38.2

TV: 143, OVA: 17, Movies: 15, Specials: 13, Episodes: 1,399, DL Eps: 27, Days: 23.00, Mean: 7.8

TV: 94, OVA: 12, Movies: 8, Specials: 1, Episodes: 2,532, DL Eps: 0, Days: 42.78, Mean: 7.6

TV: 50, OVA: 3, Movies: 7, Specials: 2, Episodes: 972, DL Eps: 24, Days: 16.48, Mean: 8.0

TV: 95, OVA: 14, Movies: 18, Specials: 5, Episodes: 1,778, DL Eps: 46, Days: 28.99, Mean: 6.9

TV: 68, OVA: 2, Movies: 53, Specials: 9, Episodes: 3,415, DL Eps: 0, Days: 46.74, Mean: 6.4

Self Counted - number of ONA series incl dropped (and what they are)

chewy: 4
(Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E.73: Stargazer,The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya,Nyoro-n Churuya-san[haruhi],Hetalia Axis Powers)
wong: 4
(Hetalia Axis Powers,The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya,Eve no Jikan,Candy Boy, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san [it's listedin wrong category])
howard: 1
(eve no jikan)
yi-ling: 1
(Candy Boy)
hungy: 0 :(

1 comment:

hungy said...

Despite not updating my list for like 5 months (holidays), i still have the most in common with wong. I feel compelled to say YAY.

I also feel compelled to update my anime list now. As well as feel honoured to be featured on wong's blog.