Thursday, January 14, 2010

Same Seiyuu, Different Role

Caution: this link is NSFW(not safe for work). I mean really NSFW - NSFW advertisements, NSFW post previews. If you are easily scarred, do not click any of the links on the page. After scrolling down a little, only the content will remain, however, which is completely SFW.

This is basically a list of voice actors and what roles they play in anime. The author has carefully picked the interesting ones (in the second comparison) so that you will be surprised (ie plays unsuspected roles).

I apologise for this post's incoherence, it is fairly late (2:15) and my eyes hurt.


hungy said...

Wow there as some quite surpirsing relevations there e.g. Ed<=>Temari, and Sanae<=>Lust.

Also, exploring the rest of the site (couldn't resist an J-culture site), i see now why its NFSW. You should probably warn the rest of your visitors about that fact lol.

Wongsta said...

eh? first line of post:
Caution: this link is NSFW(not safe for work).