Wednesday, July 21, 2010

restaurant standards: 1228


As a result i will now upload all the images i was intending to post in it and remove my commentary!!!!!!!!!!! okay, i lied, i can't bring myself to not-write..

katherine made me a wonderful omelette and also some yummy oatmeal pancakes. they were so healthy seeming but not really but mostly very very delicious! YAY. she has now inspired me to cook more.

who could resist this smiling innocent face? ♥

I also recently went to a cafe in Box Hill called 1228! It is opposite the tramstop and is Steph's favourite cafe. Yes, we met at 12:28pm (though regrettably not on the 28th of December. additionally i was late, as is typical of me. shameful). 

Wong had the lunch special, a bento box. steph and i chose it for him because there were "so many choices". He refused to look at the menu after this, to choose a more suitable meal. Oh well, he seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed his drink, it was tangy - Passionfruit Milky Tea! aww. Steph had lychee and I had honey, which INFINITELY SUBTLE YET COMPLEX. Their bubble tea is good and standard-price. They also had, under the jelly/pearl additions, "mango". Wong exclaimed over this, but sadly Steph informed him that it was probably "mango jelly". sadness!

my restaurant review is failing.

I ate their special or something, it was "small". anyway it was REALLY DELICIOUS and i keep CRAVING IT. $8.50 for a large bowl!

They also had cute colourful walls and random triangles on the ceiling. Also, you order by ticking things on a piece of paper, which the waiters then come around and collect! 
All in all, a cute and cheap cafe with good/filling food, large serves and nice bubble tea.
RATING:  ♥♥♥♥♥ (make of this what you will)

I highly recommend it!


Savvi said...

The place looks interesting. Maybe I will go there one day...

FROGGY said...

ah yes i went there just a few days ago. I like their congee because it is creamy but a tad salty.

sallyannie☆ said...

ooh looks yummy. i want to go!