Saturday, May 01, 2010


I was stalking alice and dana and felt that i too should post about my life in a similar style, ie, using abbreviated/changed names and more detail than i usually give. Hence, the title of this post, which is an acronym for Yi-Ling Ate Yogurt. (This is a lie, unfortunately, however I did eat some nutella this morning.)

Anyway, my life lately has been fun. I had an enjoyable time when SA unexpectedly accompanied me to Wong's house and exclaimed over how castle-like it was. This was also slightly embarrassing in that I realised how much i treat wong's house as my own.

wong: "There's a motion sensor that makes the light turn on when someone is outside the house."
yi-ling: "There is someone outside our house!"
Thus perpetuating the common belief that wong and i are married, even though if we were married wong's house would still not be my house.

I also saw VC yesterday! I wish that he did not give so many details of his relationship with JC (?). Hmm. However, it was entertaining in some ways. I then ran into VC (other) and other PLCs, as it was JL's birthday. Happy birthday JL! More importantly, I regained my umbrella, which made me feel rather contented and secure. This was strange as i have already obtained the meaning of life, however any rain-repelling device is a bonus i suppose. Which reminds me, WC gave me her veryshiny silver jacket, which is also waterproof! Although many people seem to dislike it for its intense shininess, I am very grateful as it is both warm and rain-repelling. Thank you WC.

My mother has asked me what i am doing. I think she disapproves of my blogging even though i do not do it very often : ( What a shock. Unfortunately this means that i must stop now and revert to reading harry potter fanfic. Additionally, I feel that i am unable to keep up this style of blogging sadly enough. : ( Nevertheless...

please scroll down to read about Wong's sad story about cancelled classes! We seem to post in swells or something, it is unfortunate.


Wongsta said...

a jacket from WC from PLC while seeing VC but not JC lucky WC gave you that jacket... on JL's birthday

Clare said...

oh yes i remember that day it was good seeing you too yi ling!