Monday, January 04, 2010



I feel rather relieved.

Although my life now seems slightly empty, i shall fill it with useful things such as:
- watching avatar/sherlockholmes/anime/30rock
- getting the remaining 40 hours of driving before feb 22nd (wth i feel panicked)
- trying to earn money...somehow
- regaining my oboe skills
- eating

Btw is anyone going to tutor?? I am actually thinking of tutoring chem...can't really think of anything else I can tutor. I am definitely not well qualified enough to tutor latin unless they really suck in which case i don't think there's much point (oh gosh that was rather harsh) i'll stop talking now.

hope everyone is happy with their results, or at least, not devastated - hopefully we'll all forget about them soon...

EDIT: ok now i've changed the post date to the actual date so it doesn't look like i somehow got my results before everyone else


f i o n a said...

why does this say you posted on the first of jan? o_O
hm why dont you tutor english! you'll be really good at that- but i agree, it'd be really hard teaching latin to people who have no real grasp on the language.

f i o n a said...

btw you're not actually free of it- there's still the awards ceremony to go :P

Wensi said...

O: i want to tutor but i fear messing up my students LOLLL but if i did i guess i would try and tutor my HLs that i got 7s in LOL so it looks more impressive. so maybe eco/phys/chem?

i think i'd only be good at one needs chem with mr poustie <3 and i still don't get that one topic in physics LOLLL