Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the adventures of gingerbread

Once upon a time there was a small edible man. His name was Gingerbread*.

Gingerbread had a few bits missing. His buttons had been forcibly dyed by his former lover (the rain) whom had coloured them brown to match his eyes. Or rather, eye.

Good luck Gingerbread! I hope the rain doesn't destroy you. Sometimes relationships can be destructive like that.

Had breakfast with Vincent in a little cafe near Flinders Street Station. This was delicious! Rich, golden egg yolk amazes me. Hollandaise sauce almost feels like overkill (surely not).

Attempted manicure in white/silver for MGS formal. UHHH. As you can see, i'm good at this.

Vincent and I at formal! No, I did not go with him, he went with his girlfriend.

Lastly...I finally opened my jewellery shop! It is currently being advertised on the sidebar. Please visit it, I'm hoping to add more items soon...

EXAMS ALMOST OVER - imminent relief? one can only hope! ^_____^

* Gingerbread was discovered one day in a bush on my street on my way to uni.
**You can probably tell i'm trying to make my posts more picture-dense. Sadly this has made me write strangely...


FROGGY said...

i want to try that eggy breakfast thing. the best breakfast i ever had (in a cafe) was in daylesford.


Savvi said...

why didn't you simply eat the gingerbread man?? i would have. xD

wow jewellery shop?