Friday, February 19, 2010


While the internet has been a great friend of mine the past ....10 years, it has let me down today.

I was reading a user's blog on myanimelist and the post was entitled 'Ten Worst Anime of 2009'. I was reading the 4-panel comics which the user had drawn in paint. THEN SUDDENLY A WILD SPOILER APPEARED.

What I was really upset about was that the spoiler was entirely unrelated to the ten anime which were on there - specifically it was for the Higurashi series - which i had watched the entire first season of. This gave me no chance of saving myself from the spoilage.

If you don't know, Higurashi is quite heavily plot i was upset :(. If only I could drug myself to make me forget this event....or i can come back in 5 years time when I have forgotten this event ever happened.
This is the second time I have had an anime spoiled for me, fortunately the first time it was just the ending to endless eight....although I couldn't properly experience the shock value of the finale.

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hungy said...

enerco...wait that's the word verification. My bad wrong box.

Poor you wong, that's got to be really really gay being higurash :S

You should like, wait another 5 years until youv'e forgotten the spoilage, then go and watch it. The wait will be worth it.