Friday, September 25, 2009


well. we are slightly beyond halfway point in the holidays and, with practice exams less than a week away, all I can think about is Twilight, The Musical. Part 2 is here.

"I am a vampire."

Truly amazing. I have restrained myself from watching more, however, in fear that my family will hear my shrieks of laughter and think that I am insane. Or not studying. Which I am. Anyway.

Other distractions include the new TV show, Glee, the presence of which both Wensi and Rama alerted me to. This is about a choir (YES! LIKE CHOIR! sort of), except it sucks (not like choir) and they do cool dance moves (not like choir). The thing I like most about this show is the exciting music, which is alot better than High School Musical. Except that it consists of covers. Not that that's a bad thing - in fact it means that you will probably have heard msot of the songs before (unless you are like me and don't listen to english music often). It is slightly confusing and jumbly though, but I'm hoping that's going to get better - after all, only episode 1 and 2 have aired so far.

Anyway, if you are looking for a way to procrastinate, Glee is an entertaining way to spend an hour on Thursday nights. It airs at 7:30 pm on Channel 10. You can also stream it on their website. WTH! i totally did not know you could do that until now. How weird. But that might use up a lot of your download, so I don't know if you would want to do that.

Well. My holidays have been fairly wonderful. I have also been eating a lot, very exciting.

I am hungry now. goodbye.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Image Source
I had a horrible dream just now. I only remember the bit where Melissa did a laugh which she never does in real life, then her face made the shape of a person doing shoop da woop (above).

Monday, September 14, 2009


I thought i'd try out using tumblr...and there is some handy import utility on the net so i tried usingthat. the only problem is it doesn't show who did each blogl...but that should be pretty easy to figure out.'

EDIT: er....doesn't work

Go to for my own blog :S

EDIT 2: What the crap tumblr is worse than wordpress....i'm just going to use wordpress now...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Supre Experience

Today I went to Westfield for the first time since its renovation. It is exceedingly shiny, even inside shops! If trying on clothes on top of other clothes there is no need to use dressing rooms - one can simply use most surfaces within the shop as a mirror (kind of like at school where everyone stares at themselves in glass doors/windows/the glass on framed pictures).

Anyway. The point of writing this blog was to comment on my experience within Supre. This is a delightful store. It used to be pink but is now black and often has very loud music playing. As I ventured inside the store, I noticed a number of things:
1. There seemed to be about 10 of each design in a number of different colours (makes one wonder where they get all the stock from - or maybe they do not sell much?)
2. EVERYTHING SEEMED TO BE REALLY TIGHT! perhaps i should go on a diet! i felt upset by this.
3. The people in the store seemed to consist of girls under the age of 16 (from my estimation). I wondered, belatedly, if i was too old to be in the store. (distressing)

I did not buy anything.

However, I did feel concerned for the fate of young children, lured into the world of SEXUAL PREDATORS. How can young girls achieve 99.95 if they fixate on fashion/are raped and traumatised? Besides, such tight clothes encourage anorexia.

Based on my experience at supre, I have derived the following equation:
Supre = young girls
Supre = tight clothes
Tight/revealing/short clothes + young girls = danger (for girls/pedophiles)


Supre = danger

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So...I was opening up my Lexicon Omega audio recording thing because....well it kept on dying and i don't think i can return it anymore (i'm voiding the warranty by opening it, but you can't tell that i opened it.)

I turned it upside down, and unscrewed some of the bottom plate's screws. I then heard a clunk, of something heavy falling down. Once I fully opened the case i found out what it was.

Click for full size photo.

They were metal plates. I thought removed the plates which had aided in cooling the mosfets, or something. BUT THEY WEREN'T FOR THAT. Additionally, the bottom metal plate which came off (in black) also served no purpose. Well, it did serve one purpose. To make the product seem more expensive. (actually it could be to give it a lower centre of mass so it doesn't fall over...but couldn't they have made it horizontally?

I mean, who wants to buy a product which feels as if it's about to break? Consumers associate weight with a quality product, so that is what they get. It also servers to differentiate this top level product from the bottom level (this is the best of 3 lexicon audio interfaces).

I was thinking of getting a zoom H6n or whatever it's called...the new one. I have another zoom product which works fine, a guitar pedal. I have not opened that, but i'm sure it's weight is due to precise engineering, not clever marketing.

If lexicon has another reason for these plates, they should tell me, as i will immediately take down this blog.

Friday, September 11, 2009


One of the tips my head of year gave was to avoid falling into a late night sleeping pattern. I agreed with him, noticing that, even if i got the same hours of sleep, sleeping late reduced my mental capacity throughout the day.

I thought I could keep this up over the holidays, sleeping at about 10ish.

(look at the timestamp)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Haruhi Discussion

yi-ling says:
*cool let's do one now
*on haruhi
*do you agree
Wongsta says:
*i agree
yi-ling says:
*i believe we should ask questions of each other
Wongsta says:
*who has to format it then
yi-ling says:
*like an interview
Wongsta says:
*i'll do it then
yi-ling says:
Wongsta says:
*does kyon remind you of me?
yi-ling says:
*yes. reasons: kyon seems vaguely apathetic, but is not really. kyon is a single syllable name, just like wong. kyon has a little sister, just like phillip. kyon is generally emotionless-seeming, but may at times become violently emotional. but not violent. kyon does not enjoy studying and would describe himself as an "average student". kyon is part of a random club because he finds it interesting
Wongsta says:
*...what club am i part of?
*uni-physics is not a calub
yi-ling says:
*well you would be part of a random club if you found it interesting
*okay no
Wongsta says:
*(ask a question)
yi-ling says:
*because he finds it interesting to be in the club, not because he actually wants to be in the club and is there of his own volition.
*do you believe that kyon/itsuki will occur?
Wongsta says:
*no. next question.
*unless it is part of some fanservice
*do you want kyon/itsuki to occur?
yi-ling says:
*not extremely. i do not really support kyon/mikuru though, as i used to. i do not even like kyon/haruhi very much. kyon/yuki does not appeal to me either, due to yuki's recent lack of personality. thus, i am left with kyon/itsuki. i suspect this is due to endless eight, where they had endless conversations. thus, once i rewatch the entire thing, my...uh..wishes will change.
Wongsta says:
*the only relationship i'd like to occur is kyon/haruhi...the rest don't seem fitting
yi-ling says:
*do you believe that kyon, and not haruhi, is "god"?
Wongsta says:
*Only in the respect that, if haruhi actually cares about him, she would do what he desires to some degree. In this way, kyon can have some control over 'god'. However, it remains to be seen if kyon will leverage this/haruhi actually does this.
*Is itsuki hot?
*compare with kyon if necessary
yi-ling says:
*no, itsuki is not hot. he is overly fake. more information would need to be given about itsuki for him to be considered "hot". also, he is an anime character. it is difficult for me to consider anime characters hot.
kyon is also not hot, for aforementioned reasons. i do, however, like kyon. he is my favourite character in haruhi. i also liked last episode where he displayed some emotion. that was
Wongsta says:
*(agrees with kyon description)
yi-ling says:
*um that doesn't literally mean yes/no.
Wongsta says:
*i just hate itsuke for no reason so mikuru is better. Mikuru seems more human and empathises more with most characacters. Her only shortcoming is that she relies on others too much? hmm what do i mean. ie endless eight she probably would not have been able to deal with the situation without the others aaah i don't even know what im' talking about anymore

but anyone mikuru is better than itsuki, despite itsuki being more proficient at ....everything except being human and being likeable
*oh right
*i need to ask a question
yi-ling says:
*i also wish to respond to that question. unless you wish to ask another question.
Wongsta says:
*no go
yi-ling says:
*i do not understand why you hate itsuki for no reason, but i suppose it could be his overly fake cheerful nature. truthfully i find mikuru irritating, mostly because of her voice and constantly timid nature. it is pointless and infuriating. but then again, i should not be like this. itsuki is amusing and he is no longer my most hated character. um...i think they are equal.
*do you believe that kyon secretly loves haruhi
Wongsta says:
*It is very difficult to judge this...I think that he may love her, although it is definitely a very mild, subconscious love. I really don't know, what do you think ying?
yi-ling says:
*do not know. definitely saw some tension forming in last episode. remains to be seen. i actually supported mikuru/kyon during original run of haruhi, but i do not know.
Wongsta says:
*is this enough?
*what do you think of shamisen the cat
yi-ling says:
*nothing. shamisens are like erhus. i saw someone playing one at manifest one year and i asked them if it was an erhu. that was vaguely embarrassing.
*yes let's stop now