Wednesday, December 07, 2011


offended, that was an update! Oh well, since I am clearly so popular, I will cave to the demands of my reader(s).

So anyway, It is currently approaching snow season in kanazawa, and so for this reason I have purchased some gumboots! They are long, shiny and black, and remind me of storm trooper shoes except not white. I guess this may be a good thing. I am quite looking forward to the snow as I believe it will be a welcome change from the rain (every day, at varying levels of strength between hail and spit). However, I am fearing the cold, and am at this moment wearing two layers of thermals on top and bottom (it is about 5 degrees outside i believe).

Three weeks of class have put me to sleep; summer semesters/intensive programs are kind of annoying because we had our midsem on tuesday after two weeks.... nevertheless my japanese is increasing in fluency especially speaking and listening. I can now hold semi conversations with my host family, though my vocab is still sadly lacking (still can't understand variety shows). despite these deficiencies we are holding a rapport such that they refer to me as "i-rin chan" and give me ocha all the time. YES!

Something strange about kanazawa is that apart from ramen/bakery/kare-/gyudon stores there are also many places selling icecream despite the undeniable coldness. There is also a lack of spicy food which makes me sad!!!!!! However the vending machines that are everywhere saved me in my first week when i got lost on buses all the time and it was raining and cold and there were wonderful hot drinks for 120yen. ^___^ They also have cigarette vending machines in approximately half quantity cf. drinks, which surprised me considering how much the japanese seem to value health (healthy food, surgical masks frequently seen).

Regarding kanazawa, it is kind of small but kenrokuen (third most beautiful garden in japan apparently) is ridiculously pretty and the general landscape is as well. Here is a picture of kenrokuen.

And here is a picture of a random street we were walking on the way to tea ceremony.

Red/yellow japanese maples and other deciduous trees are everywhere here. I <3 autumn!


Alice said...

WOW. Amazing street. Lol @ vending machines.

FROGGY said...

omg i didn't know you were actually studying in japan... i thought you were there for a holiday!


KL said...

Yeah same! Hope ze experience is good. :D

Hungy said...

I is jealous. But hope you are having good fun! Also inspired to blog again :)