Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have been goaded into blogging by that subtle hint in alice's post from quite a while ago which i only just read because i have been in japan and busy being overly excited. However I am too silly to collect all my thoughts about japan atm, so here is a post i never published for some reason a while ago:

"are all i can think of right now : ( chicken and avocado ones, made by my mother/matt/jess, cut into small triangles or into fingers. holding them is like holding hands with a dangerous criminal, except in this situation you are the executioner. and in love! sandwiches, begone.

I saw vincent's reflection post and was inspired...except i think that 2010 was definitely the year of food for me, i do not recall being this food-obsessed in the past, or maybe it is just my current mood. okay, i lie. : ( 

if i were to describe this year in one word it would be: DRIFTING. not just because there has been more rain this year, and I stepped in it often, or anything. nor because I drank a lot of tea. no, it was the loss of my precious land, the land of IB, the ENTER (what is this new atar) that I clung to... cast out, made to walk the plank, I felt lost often, while consoling myself with familiar things like anime and cake. meanwhile i did many foolish things. nevertheless, it seems to have set into a pattern, possibly better than before, that i can accept. i still feel that i need to study harder, and be more socially responsible, but i'm not ashamed of myself, or anything. 

1. study harder/more
2. practise more
3. wear more accessories to be more accessible (er, i looked in my drawer and felt ashamed okay)
4. ditto makeup (must stop buying cheap eyeliner)"

Hmm. I indeed managed to practise more and study harder this year, however my accessories wearing has not really increased. Nor do i wear more makeup, shame on me, save for a few attempts at being scarlet-mouthed. This was sort of fun but also nervewracking as what if the lipstick smeared on things? I believe ryan found it exciting, though, as is predictable.

Today is 20degrees for a change. I was quite shocked when i saw the temperature because for the past week it's rained almost every day and been consistently cold, around 5-10 degrees. It also gets dark around 4pm often here, which is disconcerting (probably because no daylight saving?). Other than this I have free wifi in the place i am studying so YES!

Anyway, I will stop for now, i believe this post is long enough, and perhaps will post again?! who knows.


Wongsta said...

using an old post is cheating! I was expecting a japan orientated post.

anyway, just post some pics on fb and i'll be happy...although not sure if there is much pic-worthy stuff yet

Kath said...

Gosh Ying, update already.

Hungy said...