Monday, April 04, 2011


here is my astonishing update. 

lately i have been watching anime but not as much as ryan, who, having devoured honey and clover, k-on, mai-hime and minami-ke recently, is now almost through season two of kimi ni todoke. his method of marathoning I find frightening, anyway, I have been watching at my usual pace which is approximately 1 ep a day... after watching mai-hime for the third time while waiting for new eps of kimi ni todoke to come out, I finally decided to watch Toradora! This was a good decision, I LIKE IT, yay.

The weather has been EXTREMELY COLD of late. It is upsetting, and induces shameful showering habits. Do people try to take 4 minute showers using those timer things that were given out? I find it hard to stick to, but generally attempt. However it is SO COLD NOW, the allure of perfumed steam is too great. 

I also have too much bread. Does anyone want bread from breadtop? I can't resist taking it home but we can't eat that much...or rather, I am not sure if anyone would want to eat that much. @____@ : ( 

um. I wish i had other exciting things to say, but I don't really but here you go hungy, this quick post may fulfil your wishes i hope?! maybe wong will post immediately after this, and push this post down (excellent). 


Wongsta said...

na i probbaly won't post. I was going to do a roundup of this season's anime, but i haven't watched any of it yet

hungy said...

WOooooooooo you guys are aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^____^

Wow I am jealous, I can't even find the time to watch a single episode in peace these days...takes me like 2 hours thanks to various distractions (i.e. schoolwork) around :(

Lol same boat with the bread. We usually throw it out afterwards :\

But yes it is good to see you guys are still alive and kicking ^_^ My faith in humanity/heavens above is restored!

f i o n a said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH oh yes i have one of those 4 min shower timers BUT THE SAND ALWAYS STOPS BEFORE IT RUNS OUT! even if it doesnt stop, i always shower until i feel full.. VERY BAD I KNOW Y________Y