Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh dear

How shameful. i discovered two drafts from not so long ago, which were, for some reason, never published (nor finished). oh dear! anyway, here i am after much encouragement/prodding, to entertain and hopefully my audience retain. err. 

Recently I have been doing not much except spending a lot of time either with ryan, bread/cake or my jap textbook (and code geass r2 ♥ cc!) so i thought i would blog about some movies i've seen lately as i seem to have been watching many. 

in no particular order:

The Reader

This was a very emotionally distressing film, but one that i thought was excellent in its construction/execution! it was pretty also, and i thought the romance was quite beautiful, though others might feel it were inappropriate. anyway, it was very sad, but not in an overly gratuitous or irritating way. 

The Piano

This was also semi-distressing but more so in its general atmosphere rather than in specific events. also, the characters (particularly the protagonist/pianolady) were very peculiar! my general impression, if i were to translate the entire film into a single image, would be a tangled, thorny bush on bleak and blackened ground that produces startling red flowers. i liked this film quite a lot and i am not sure why! i suppose the music was also exciting - does anyone know "the heart asks pleasure first"? it is a piano piece (obviously) and is in the piano for leisure book series...anyway, the music (mostly solo piano, but with some string accompaniment) is all by michael nyman and contributes greatly to the atmosphere. i want to watch this movie again! i want to write more, but i will stop, it is silly.

Pan's Labyrinth

I am not sure what to say about this film. It was pretty, both visually and in storyline/characters, and seemed fairytale-like. ryan said it was magical-realism and i feel that it is quite similar in a way to books like chronicle of a death foretold, or house of spirits, but probably more enchanted/MAGICAL. hmm, the music was also okay, also, i wish to say that people who thought this film would scare me were very silly! goodness, it is only slightly gory, but the atmosphere is not conducive to great terror - it is too magical and not creepy enough. also, i did not think the characters were real people, sorry.

Les Choristes

YAY. this is a very nice film! the music is very pretty, it is a french film about shameful/delinquent boys who become choristers, except they are very young/small/cute/strangely good at singing! it is funny, and heartwarming. plus it is french, so is nice! ♥ i liked this film a lot, and would recommend it to EVERYONE.

Date Night

oh dear. tina fey is ♥♥ but i think i may be unused to comedies! also some people like steve carroll. anyway, this movie was quite funny i suppose, but also ridiculous, and kind of tiring to watch as well, because it was so hectic. anyway, i do like tina fey ♥


Tangled! i probably don't have to say much about this one, since everyone's already seen it (i assume), except that i liked it, and she was cool, and had exciting hair, and i liked the lantern scene a lot. 

sigh. i hope this was interesting, and also everyone should watch 30 rock! ♥


Ryan said...

Yay! The Piano was great, I adored how language was downplayed to increase the emphasis of body language and music, it was very impressive (I must rewatch this), and also Amelie is another French film that you must watch sometime soonish, it is a great reflection of French films, and is super quirky, if i remember right, etc. (I also have Coco avant Chanel, if you want to see it), and you should give me some 30 rock! That is all.

マリシカはちみつ said...

Seriously, I LOVE Tangled. Though I have to admit that I like Flynn Rider more than Rapunzel. But I still like her. I think she's cool too. LoL. AND I love the music in this music. Hence, I'm going to buy the CD as soon as it comes out. haha

Kath said...

yeah omg. i was addicted to the les choristes soundtrack after watching it.

hungy said...

For the love of god, please update. Anybody D: