Saturday, May 29, 2010


Recently, many people seem to be going through parent difficulties. This is nothing new, of course. But it seems as though the independence gained through graduating high school and entering uni may lead to further conflict between teenagers and their parents, who may feel as though they have no control, while of course teenagers are just like, "why should they control me anyway?!!!"

Parental control is something that teenagers rebel against, even while inwardly acknowledging that their parents only want the best for them and may, indeed, know better. However while contemplating the relationship between parents and children, i began to wonder whether respect for parents on the part of the child was implicit or had to be earned. Or, to go further, whether children still had an obligation to treat their parents with respect even if they themselves were not respected by their parents. 

Some time ago, my father said to me, "I am not looking for equality in this relationship."

As soon as he said this, I immediately felt rather disturbed, as though a wrong note had been sounded in a chord. For even if there is no equality in a parent-child relationship at the point when that child is only a teenager, would there not come a time when equality (equilbrium, lol) was achieved? If we consider "capability to look after" as the criteria for "superiority", it would then seem that after that point the "superiority" would shift towards the side of the child, who (then an adult) would then become increasingly "superior"? I guess this means that equality would not be achieved for a while. The point I am trying to make is that although some parents do not anticipate their loss of "superiority", they are unfortunately doomed to become such. Similarly, it is expected and even favourable that teenagers should strive towards greater independence, in light of their increasing "superiority" as opposed to their parents' "inferiority". 

Not that I am saying parents are inferior, or anything. Nor that teenagers should ignore the advice of their elders. Simply, that perhaps parents and children should try to think outside of the parent-children relationship, and view each other simply as people...on second thoughts this might lead to bad things.

What do you think? Is equality between children and parents ever achievable, or even desirable? And if so, is teenage rebellion justified?

Friday, May 21, 2010

My first bilingual post (sorry for butchering your language)

New song and my favorite voice actor

On Monday of this week I became a fan of "c.cedille" [a band]. C.cedille is not famous. C.cedille's singer is Emily. Emily's voice is good. I like her new song, it's name is "Hidamari".

My favorite music is anime music [not really]. Yuu Kobayashi is an anime voice actor. Ms Kobayashi's song's name is "Hanaji" [means nosebleed]. Hanaji is not serious at all. Ms Kobayashi's voice is strange, but interesting.


今週の月曜日"c.cedille"のファンでした。c.cedille はゆうめいでんわありません。 ”c.cedille” のかしゅはEmilyさん. Emilyさんのこえはいいです。あたらしいうたがすきです、なまえは「
わたしの好きなおんがくはアニメのおんがくもすきです。ゆうこばやしはアニメのせいゆう(voice actor)。こばやしさんのうたのなまえは「はなじ」(nosebleed)。「はなじ」はあまりまじめないです。こばやしさんのこえはへんで
すが, こえはおもしろいです。

link: Hidamari
link: Hanaji

Friday, May 14, 2010


I deleted my facebook. I will make a new one under the name drojf wongsta. That is all.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


(she woke me up DAILY! don't need no STARBUCKS.)

and i was like




i was like


thought you'd always be mine

not that you were. really. ever. oh (NO!)

Saturday, May 01, 2010


I was stalking alice and dana and felt that i too should post about my life in a similar style, ie, using abbreviated/changed names and more detail than i usually give. Hence, the title of this post, which is an acronym for Yi-Ling Ate Yogurt. (This is a lie, unfortunately, however I did eat some nutella this morning.)

Anyway, my life lately has been fun. I had an enjoyable time when SA unexpectedly accompanied me to Wong's house and exclaimed over how castle-like it was. This was also slightly embarrassing in that I realised how much i treat wong's house as my own.

wong: "There's a motion sensor that makes the light turn on when someone is outside the house."
yi-ling: "There is someone outside our house!"
Thus perpetuating the common belief that wong and i are married, even though if we were married wong's house would still not be my house.

I also saw VC yesterday! I wish that he did not give so many details of his relationship with JC (?). Hmm. However, it was entertaining in some ways. I then ran into VC (other) and other PLCs, as it was JL's birthday. Happy birthday JL! More importantly, I regained my umbrella, which made me feel rather contented and secure. This was strange as i have already obtained the meaning of life, however any rain-repelling device is a bonus i suppose. Which reminds me, WC gave me her veryshiny silver jacket, which is also waterproof! Although many people seem to dislike it for its intense shininess, I am very grateful as it is both warm and rain-repelling. Thank you WC.

My mother has asked me what i am doing. I think she disapproves of my blogging even though i do not do it very often : ( What a shock. Unfortunately this means that i must stop now and revert to reading harry potter fanfic. Additionally, I feel that i am unable to keep up this style of blogging sadly enough. : ( Nevertheless...

please scroll down to read about Wong's sad story about cancelled classes! We seem to post in swells or something, it is unfortunate.