Friday, January 23, 2009

you've got me seeing through different eyes

As a Christmas present from my mother I managed to get tickets to Wicked for the second time. And is a VERY different experience, knowing what to expect, having read the book and tried to hit those high notes in Defying Gravity, Wizard and I and i'll stop now before i start listing all the songs. I am sad to say that I was not drawn in quite as much as i was the first time, but that doesn't mean that I was not AMAZED and INSPIRED. I'm also glad that Wensi was finally able to see it; I think her life has been enriched. infused with wickedness.

Wensi and I both got tshirts - i got a grey/green "defy gravity" one to match her pink "popular" one. So now, we match! We also bought WICKED MUGS. I am rather overwhelmed by all this wicked merchandise and feel rather spoilt, rather wicked.

So anyway, I took her muttered "that was pretty amazing" after Wizard and I as a good sign, though she did not seem quite as starry-eyed as I was, acting like a zombie at interval. Though she did start crying in For Good aww.

Afterwards, she started talking about how troubled she felt about Elphaba's apparent lack of remorse over stealing Glinda's fiancee, Fiyero.

Glinda: "The two of you! behind my back!"
Elphaba: "No, it wasn't like that!!!"
Fiyero: "Well...actually it was."

I can see why Glinda-identifiers might be appalled at the way Elphaba stole Fiyero from Glinda then didn't feel bad about it at all. I would go on about this but i don't think i want a repeat of the argument/discussion wensi and I had about it. Let's just say that, I was blinded by my love for (Jemma Stevenson) ELPHABA, so, while Wensi found As Long As You're Mine disturbing, I found it rather romantic. Even though their relationship wasn't the main focus of the musical, Fiyero and Elphaba did change each other for good; i mean, fiyero now has exciting philosophical thoughts like this:

"It's not lying. It's looking at things...a different way." - Fiyero

and Elphaba, after her disappointment in the Wizard, can finally have the acceptance she so wished for and yet was denied for so long:

"I need help believing you're with me tonight." - Elphaba

Elphaba is just so endearing. Though I think it's enhanced by the fact that she's played by actresses who are incredibly talented singers, who get to sing amazing songs like Defying Gravity. That being said I still love No Good Deed more.

"All helpful urges should be circumvented!" - Elphaba

To move on to our cast, we had, interestingly, both standbys: Jemma Stevenson as Elphaba and Erin Hasan as Glinda. I could go on and on about how beautiful and amazing Jemma's voice is, but I won't, to spare less enthusiastic people XD To see Jemma for the second time was amazing though, I think she's actually better than I remembered, and she has, like, a really beautiful belting voice. Erin was good also - her operatic voice was quite a lot better than Lucy Durack's (from what i remember) though I don't think her acting was quite as good. Hmm. Only very slightly though. And I mean, they were both realllly good. In fact the entire cast was good. For Vincent's sake, I observed Bert Newton as the Wizard closely. He was rather amusing I must say, and Vincent's imitations of his singing were quite amazingly accurate.

I could go on and on about Wicked, but I should probably stop, because if I talk too much about how much i love it/jemma I think Wong might get a bit jealous XDDD


(btw i think some of my quotes may be wrong as they were taken from my memory and, as wicked obsessed as i am, i don't have the whole show word-perfect XDD)