Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years

This was originally posted on my own blog (Wongsta's) but I thought that you guys would like to read it. 

The plan was originally to do only two things:

1 - Go to Allens with my friend to buy a bday present
2- Go to party afterwards, which was a ‘cool’ party i was randomly invited to (had alcohol, decided not to drink cause i ddin’t want to lol)

This is what actually happened
We met at Allens at (1pm). After going to allens with ying to buy the present (~2pm)I followed her home as I had nothing to do for 6 hrs. I realised her mum wasn’t home, and was going to leave as being at her house alone would be very suspicious. Fortunately Stooph decided to go to her house before the party so i had a reason to stay (she was therea bout 3pm). We mainly played…truth or dare, and watched kung fu panda for one hour. It stopped at this point because the disc was bad. Then ying’s mum made some nice pasta for us to eat(about 6pm?).

Since her brother (Matt) was going to another party, he gave us a lift to the station(about 6 something?). He thought that station was on the line to the house, however it was not, so if we did infact take the train, we would have had to change lines. However, the two trains that were going to the city were completely full, due to new years.

Some random dude decided to vandalise the train because…he was angry that he couldn’t go on it? Some great citizen, however, stopped him by grabbing his marker. I decided to get my dad to pick me up, as otherwise we’d be stuck there for a long time waiting for a vacant train. We arrived at the party shortly after (7:30pm?), but it was quite bad since we didn’t know most of the people there. I didn’t drink anything. Apprently, after we ditched the party (~10:30pm) (after about an hour) some drunk dude came along and everyone talked to him.

We went looking for coffee, but none of the good shops were open. Instead, we went back to my house for coffee. At my house (~11pm), ying decided to wear my pants and shirt becuase the dress was cold. This fulfilled the former ‘pants party’ thing i put on facebook - that there would be a party in my pants on new years(~12am)! So unfortunately, i was only able to make two people, Stooph and Ying, come. To my house.

We made omelettes (with too much cheese) becuase….no reason. We watched the fireworks, and prank called a few people. Then they went home(~1am).

What an abrupt ending.