Sunday, November 14, 2010

my excellent l1f3

recently i have been doing many exciting things, following end of exams. yay! 

Today I went to Castlemaine! It was pretty, and I want to live in Castlemaine now. Plus all the streets had funny names, like Lyttleton Street. Also I went into the bookstore and found a book full of poetry by students at the Castlemaine high school. How impressive. The students had cool names also, like Zorro Maplestone (this is not a joke). Damn being asian. I have now decided my name is Gertrude Heartson.

Other exciting things that have happened include my visitation of passionflower. OMG this was very exciting/wonderful. Ryan and I consumed Sticky Rice, Passionfruit and Espresso, all of which were quite overwhelming particularly the passionfruit sorbet. I also heard a great song about peacocks*.

Speaking of songs, I have been listening to Taylor Swift and John Mayer lately. I really like say! and slow dancing. ♥ 

Now I must insert a picture for aesthetic purposes.

macaroons from Lindt cafe from ryan ♥

How are your holidays going?

*have researched on wikipedia and it is by Katy Perry. I hope Katy obtains that coveted glimpse of the peacock. Also I believe this song would be greatly superior if it were by Ke$ha, just saying.