Thursday, September 30, 2010

the joys of uni life

Steph promotes mount franklin ♥ 

How embarrassing. I have not posted for many days/weeks months. In fact i have a feeling I have not posted for the entirety of the semester...oh dear! How embarrassing.

Many things have excited me lately eg. music/anime/vce....HMM

I also made the same brownie recipe three times - the first turned out like stale bread as I forgot to add enough butter. The second time, it was really cakelike for some reason. So the third time I actually made it into muffin-shapes in the hope that it could just actually be a cake and there would be no shameful recipe failing, but i put too much mixture in the tins or something and they overflowed and looked like mushrooms.

AHHH. i just looked through 3 pages of mushrooms in an attempt to find an appropriate image to link to. Unfortunately it was too nauseating/appalling and I gave was like a normal cake with a ridiculous fringe type thing. Kind of like my fringe. Not really. Actually, I am having issues deciding whether to go back to side fringe or to retain this funny not quite straight fringe type thing - due to my laziness I am kind of in an inbetween state atm...gosh. Perhaps I should dye it all pink, i have had this urge lately...oh dear!

Wow. I wonder why i do not blog more often. Look at this really interesting subject material i've delved into.

Here is another photo to brighten up the post! Look at our great camwhoring skills...

Wong & I (like the king and i)

I am great at taking pictures.

Other interesting things:

- peanut butter

have you made anything with peanut butter lately? How do YOU feel about peanut butter? ♥