Thursday, December 24, 2009

fun stuff

My lips have been secretly collagen-injected. So have Victor's. Except mine malfunctioned and spread over my entire face.

I have been stopped on the street twice within the past 3 days by people trying to recruit me as a model. (WTHWTHWTH)

My family found the idea of both of these very entertaining. I hope you also find them entertaining, instead of being traumatised as i was.

In other news, met up with some plc's! Jadey is exceedingly nice. I like her very much. I also like Steph and Sue Wei and Vanessa. We had a fun time and watched some of 27 dresses (the guy is so cute <3) I kind of want to watch some movies. Keep hearing Avatar is really good or something. Why on earth did I watch new moon in cinema?!! (or at all) I also wish to watch the Hannah Montana movie. Wensi's review of it was very intriguing. Most recently I watched 500 Days of Summer on the plane hmmm the sound was rather bad, but it seemed likeable.

Must also stop stalking Alice's blog. This is hard.

Oh my. It is Christmas Eve in 15 mins! How not very exciting (apologies).

Oops i wanted to complain about/discuss the service in Singapore but this post seems overly long now. well well well. Perhaps you shall read another of my amazingly interesting blog entries soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

happy birthday wong

Currently at the residence of the Wongs. It is a castle-like manor/mansion on the Upper East Side, here in VCE-ville. Fun is to be had by playing cards/talking/drinking vodka (straight from the bottle I SAW YOU ****** [not wensi])/eating pizza/doing nothing/playing piano.

Excessive amounts of food fill this house. It is disturbing even for a food-obsessed girl such as myself.

Moving on from culinary delights of Wong's family...

I have been doing many wonderful things since returning from my eventless schoolies week. As you may have heard, very little of note occurred during my time in Sorrento, except that we were forced to pay large amounts of money as compensation for the "damages" we had inflicted on the lovely place we were staying at. Speech night was also fun, as were the preceding rehearsals. Weather has been fluctuating greatly, providing some excitement for us. VCE scores also came out. This was exciting for some, even those such as myself who do IB.

(RAMA GOT 99.95 WTH)

Yeah still can't get over it (neither can wensi) lol.

well well well. i thought i lost this post, but it seems that blogger has handily saved it. thank you, my friendly webpage!

So. It seems i shall not be here for a while, not that I have been on this blog much lately either. Apologies, my loyal fans. I would however encourage you to redirect your sights to Wensi's blog, where she seems to be writing cool nonfanfic. Other exciting things that have occurred lately are that i have discovered that I like Big Bang Theory (they were watching it at wong's house before everyone else turned up and started playing ssb, where sam kept beating vincent SORRYVINCENT) i think i may have provided too much information now so i shall stop.

(maths science history unravelling the mystery that all started with a big bang BANG!)

I also like Tina Fey.

ahem. goodbye.