Monday, July 27, 2009

Pulling it Off

Conversation at school:
"=" = drawn out word
"^" = stressed word

N:"Hey C**n, how do you get it off?"

C:"It's easy, let me show you."

(C 'pulls it off')

B:"OH, tha=ts how you do it...
The other guys were complaining about how hard the small ones were to get off,
they had to get other people to pull it off for them since they couldn't do it themselves."

C:"Well obvio^usly the bigger ones are easier to get off"

B:"Geez this sounds really dirty"

(C**n puts his 'Scotch 2009 hoodie' back on, laughs)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Ah...hi again (yes i am sorry for that post but i am glad some people found it funny)

Being a true slacker, over the holidays i've been watching some tv shows in an attempt to avoid my homework. Probably not the best idea, but, you know, it was fun. I also realised today when i was reading up on anime that i haven't watched anime for ages : ( i remember that idyllic time when i spent hours hunched in front of my computer screen, allowing tears to run freely from my eyes as Shirou confessed his love for Saber...

Ok, that was a lie, i don't think i actually cried in fate/stay night (i'm sure chewy would disapprove greatly of such emotional affectations in such a um, inferior anime to haruhi) ....moving on to my next point, season 2 of haruhi is out. so i have been watching that.

Is it just me, or has mikuru become more annoying? I swear i liked her before, in season one. I think that as my love for mikuru has waned, i have begun to like haruhi more. Slightly. I think that my preference for the girls goes like this:

haruhi > yuki > mikuru

and kyon >>> itsuki (which is slightly better than before when kyon >>>>>>> itsuki)

Has anyone noticed that yuki keeps wearing her school uniform? I think it is because she is so bored that she can't be bothered changing anymore. Also, why do they have so many swimsuits o__O they..seem to change every episode. um.

anyway haruhi 2 is the only anime i've been watching lately, but I'm sure wong could tell you more about the anime he's been watching. It's...not hentai though. I think.

So apart from anime, there is this great tv show called

~*~ 30 rock ~*~

oh dear it looks a bit like sabrina the teenage witch with those salty brackets. ANYWAY
30 rock is a comedy show written and produced by Tina Fey, which she stars in as the main character, Liz Lemon. It's set mostly behind the scenes of a comedy sketch show, where Liz Lemon is the head writer. god i suck at writing summaries, here is the wiki page
Anyway, it is funny and charming! and witty! and pretty and bright, tonight. The third season is currently airing at 11:30pm on Monday nights, but don't be put off by the late airing. ok i'm just going to end this post now, i like 30 rock a lot though : (

Saturday, July 11, 2009

enter scores

Ok, i'm not going to say i hate my family, i'm just going to say that I just had the following exchange with my brother:

me: Matt, what would your predicted enter score for me be?
him: i'd say...about 92.
me: okay. i will look up the conversion.
him: okay.
me: 92 is 34. which would mean that i would have to get less than 6 in most of my subjects.
him: yeah.
me: okay.

well. i think that i should be looking forward to the end of the year, when i get 92. well, matt, even if i don't get 99.90 like you, at least i will still be able to get in to music at melbourne...which is more than you ever tried to do.