Saturday, February 21, 2009

hide and seek

Facebook is TOO DISTRACTING. I must focus on Latin, but how??! Instead i find myself writing a blog entry while listening to oboe concertos! I find the chem prac difficult. That is, I haven't actually tried to do it, but it seems difficult. id difficulum videtur. I think that is completely incorrect.

ransom notes keep falling out your mouth
mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outs
speak no feeling no I don't believe you
you don't care a bit
you don't care a bit
- Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap


House concerts are finally over (though they lasted only 3 weeks). I am still in love with Hide and Seek. I wonder if i can obtain the recording ahahaha it is rather different live, since it is cleaner and less electronic. Being, of course, not electronic at all.

I must now return to my homework. It endears me to it by shooting sparks of reproach that sting my mind as I attempt to ignore my duties. How shameful i am. How unlike a pink and wonderful clam. Goodbye.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Journey to the Centre of the Scout Hut

IT's Qi. Qi is reading a comic magazine.
This is Ngan's burger. He likes to eat them. They are from the tuckshop. The tuckshop is dirty. The tuckshop is less dirty than the previous tuckshop.
I am pointing at Tung. I cut his head off becuase he does not enjoy pictures being taken of him.
We were trying to get into the Venturers Hut again. The electronic key did not work, as we could not get it 'charged'(think role playing games). Ironically, the window was left open, so we could bypass the door. Sandbach climbed in the window. He knocked down the curtain.
Rama lay on the couch.
We were supposedly not supposed to go in the hut as somebody had grafitied the walls. I say walls as all of the walls contained some grafiti. The grafiti reminded me of some horror movie, where the antagonist goes insane and writes on the walls in order to express the antagonist's feelings (see what I did thar).
There is now an extra couch in the scout hall, and a gamecube. We had the classic game, 'Super Smash Bro's Melee'. Anders, who is not in the picture, just pwned Sandbach.
Me and rama having private time. Note the placement of the couches, chair, and table.

god i love this video.

This second one is only good if you've seen the thing it comes from.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I took a few pictures while I was at school today. These photgrapic records begin in the venturer hut, with a picture of Jitain's note:
This is a modification of a quote from 'Fight Club' which I may have seen.
This is a photo of someone holding a knife. I'm not sure about you, but this is not normal. He isn't even going to cut the sandwich he's eating with the knife.
I'm not sure who drew on this piece of paper but it shows the general decor of the venturer hut room - it is full of penis'. Somebody stole some loose sleeve paper, and with the markers lying around the room drew many things, on them.
Now out of the Venturer's hut, and into the tuckshop. I am not sure what these actually are - they look like there were some spare meatballs and they needed to get rid of them. Good luck with getting people to eat those balls.
Just before entering the last period of school today - chem. It was also what it looked like finishing school, so let's say I took it then. This signifies the end of the school day.

To finish off, you may want to see somebody dodge fruit while playing cricket with a tennis racket - but you need to be my friend on facebook to see that. Click HERE to see.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I keep dreaming about those scones that were generously provided this morning after the yr 12 investiture assembly. I really want one of the buttery ones atm. Not the jam and cream ones, although they do look prettier. omg! i feel quite impressed with plc actually. As Linh described it, it was like a leafy picnic with tea and scones - very classy. lol.

Those scones were so pretty though ..and they were free! HOW COULD EMILY SHI RESIST EATING THEM??? it is shocking! then again, if like certain people you hate eating when not hungry, i can see why you would be able to resist. Sadly, Wensi and I both find resistance difficult. So. School has been fun so far. It seems, though, that just as the economy spirals down, so does my economic skill fail to improve. Not only do i find it as boring as ever but I also find it rather alarming that I haven't done any eco homework yet! Then again, I have also not done any english homework. Or maths. I think I must blame house concerts for this. And Latin. Why do i spend so much time on Latin and Chem?? ._. "If you don't like your fate, change it! You are your own master, there are no shackles on you." - Aida, Aida

Today I spent over an hour watching Fate/Stay Night - yes, again. I feel rather guilty, but other than that I did homework/practised for the rest of the time. Except for now, when I am supposed to be arranging house music but instead am blogging. Gah.

Ok. I'll stop now and attempt to finish the carnival song I wrote.

OMG NOOO i must also speak of my traumatising experience last night! As I crawled into my overheated bed beneath a thin orange blanket, I felt somewhat tense. This might have been the cause for what happened next - MY IMAGINATION causing a HALLUCINATION? 
And yet it felt so real.
To continue with this account of my (not as dramatic as i am making it out to be) night, I lay still for quite some time attempting to sleep, attempting to ignore the buzzing and humming from insects around my house (to cool the air, we have taken to leaving windows open). WHEN SUDDENLY i heard the noise of: SOMETHING DROPPING FROM THE CEILING ONTO MY BED NEAR MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was seriously freaked out, okay. WHAT COULD IT BE? A SPIDER? it sounded kind of crunchy and like...a...very small bomb???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this happened for the second time i switched on the light and searched my sheets frantically for some sign of life/small bombs. no, i was mostly scared of insects. yet...i found nothing.

and so to help myself sleep i was forced to use my thick quilt, which gave me a greater sense of security but which also increased the temperature significantly so that my clothing became damp. In fact, in the morning my clothing was also slightly damp when i woke up. Um. Anyway.

That is the end of the account of my distressing night. I hope that tonight i shall sleep without fear of insecs/small bombs dropping from the ceiling onto my face.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


looking at this blog with its garish green-ness i was immediately regretful of my decision to join and i cant say by reading the top post at the time was i any more enthused...Wong...disgusting. But do you know what the sad thing is Ying didn't post up her comments, but i can't imagine what one would say to such...abuse.

But i must say i was fascinated by Ying's story about the cat lady..and umbrellas..and tea/coffee...i cant say i remember the story line...but...fascinating none the less.

On a lighter note..or not depending on how you see it. School has begun. I find fate quite amusing sometimes as for the third year in a row i am in room V for maths...i began sleeping in maths in year ten...this escalated to me not being able to stay awake at all in room V ..year eleven came and i failed maths. This year i have high hopes for-like getting into college-so this means i must stay awake in -.-

aaaand i got a puppy!!! its now eight weeks and completely adorable!!^^